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In Times Square. A (very aggressive) promo for Netflix's 3 Body Problem.



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Revuca, Slovakia. Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks, Andromeda galaxy, and bright yellowish star Mirach, beta star of the constellation Andromeda, hang in the sky above the comet.

Wulan Butong Grasslands, Inner Mongolia. Light pillars caused by floating ice crystals.

Image taken from the former space station, Mir, of what the Earth looks like during a solar eclipse. The dark spot is not Monoliths consuming the planet, it's the Moon's shadow.


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pardon my repeat glass post from above, but I googled the Stacho piece I bought online. It was featured on an exhibition cover. Sorry, this must be dull for most, but I got a thrill finding this. Uranium glass, 17 kg, shipping next week, must be patient, GAS is real


appears several times in this vid:

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