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I kept using my Brick like crazy! Use it a lot at home connected to a hydrotube and its great, gotta say it went very fast to be one of my fav vapes ever so far and I use it a lot! I say so far because I def need more testing to see if the flavor changes in time and I havent cleaned it yet so not sure how hard it is (seems very easy thou). Most of my friends place it as their new favorite portable because of the mix of beauty, art and effectivness BUT I always torch it for them, I am sure they would combust if I let them do it on their own. It hits very hard and it is sooooo smooth, thats my favorite part, compared to my Tetrax even when using the stem filled with beads, the brick is smoother IMO. The only kind of downside for me is the flavor, I cant agree with many ppl about the flavor being so good, I dont have an Elev8r to compare butI own my DIY elev8r and a GSV, both can achieve a flavor that is beyond what my Brick can do, I really enjoy the flavor of the unit and it is way better than many other vapes I tried or owned but IMO the vapes I said already and the Tetrax and Stempod SI give me better flavor. The Brick has something unique thou, I get different notes of flavor than with any of my other vapes and many times those new flavors are a treat but the main flavor of the strain isnt the strongest. Also for me it isnt the strongest hitter, even with a good torch technique, GSV, DIY Elev8r and Tetrax can hit me harder.

LOVE THE VAPE!!! I love the flavor of my Tetrax and all the good things I get from it but I am Hooked on the Brick and find many times that is a better choice than the Tetrax, also the flavor last really long with the right technique and I combusted 0 times so far :D! I am so happy, cant wait to try my new JR, on the way! Thanks to Sneake Pete (not sure if he is in the forum thou) as I bought from his store and got a great price, fast shipping and love his videos.

@shopdognyc about the hydra, I bought mine from dhgate as I found it was cheaper to buy the whole bong rather than just the Hydratube. I live in chile and they are not sold here, shipping and price where very high for just the Hydra so I found this and was the best for me, I use both parts a lot, hope it helps
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Neo, my Hydrobrick's best friend. Hits great, tastes fantastic.
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