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A little confused by the new drop rules - does the four-minute timer eliminate the double-sale issue, meaning if I get a prebuilt through checkout I've definitely got it? Or is there still a possibility of getting an email afterwards saying someone else nabbed it first?
Hopefully the double-sale issue is solved with that. I think got one.. i don't want to get refunded :(


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tried 6 times already to get error and error.... smelling a lot like a tinymight (if I cant but now)


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What is this "no payment options available?"
tried about 12 times at least, in multiple browsers.
Congrats to everyone who successfully navigated the new drop system
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Still a few up, still a few custom slots but i cant get mine through, hey ho it was gonna be my second so im lucky! Next time....

I’m getting a bad gateway when the page teys To load too long. Was just hoping for a custom. Fml
I had this also and Ive bought loads of bits from Ralph.


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It says i got one... Not my first choice but one of you knuckleheads took that one too quick....

But anyway... i got an order number but only 1 email... Also i havent paid yet, so im confused, there was a page mentioning wire transfer or go to this link to pay with a card.... I try to pay with a card directly on the site and it says the item is reserved... Any info on this?


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Continuing checkout issues, got an error about no shipping method being available and then one about no payment method being available. Will keep trying I guess. ;)


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This is probably a dumb question, but do you pay for the custom slot (via a bank transfer) right when you place the order? I have no doubts my price will go up with custom requests haha


that was nerv wracking.. it took 30 min and like 10 tries to check out. I think I got one now, havent gotten the second email though.


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"This unit is already reserved by someone else. if checkout is not successful within a total of 4 minutes, it will become available again."

I initially tried to pay with credit card, but the option was not there. But my order goes through. I try to pay through the link, it says the above... I don't think I got it lol
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