Tetra P80


let me introduce the tubo evic successor:

Tetra P80



  • one mouth piece (select nub cooler, bendy spike or short mouth piece)
  • basket screen and replacement screen for mouth piece
  • pick

optional accessories:
  • samsung 30q battery
  • water pipe adapter (14mm/18mm male)
  • wooden capsule stems
  • short whip (wrapped or plain)

key features:
  • dimensions: 71x36x92mm
  • portable dry herb vaporizer device
  • full convection TETRA heating technology
  • on-demand (press&hold) or session mode operation (double click)
  • adjustable session timer
  • uniform heat, no stirring necessary
  • custom firmware, update-able
  • advanced temperature control (up to 1degC/5degF)
  • user replaceable 18650 battery
  • micro-USB charging port
  • 2A fast charging
  • stainless steel heating coils
  • mostly borosilicate glass air & vapor path
  • 18mm female ground glass connection
  • 70 watts peak power, fast heat up
  • effective vapor cooling/conditioning with included cooling mouth piece
  • warm-up mode for consistent results
  • automatic temperature stepper

base models (poplar,pine,beech and birch) are starting at $235, that includes a cooling mouth piece, basket screen and pick. various cosmetic upgrades are possible, solid woods, engravings, inlays. there will be an item on the store to build a custom model.

there will be a drop of prebuilt units very soon and i will take custom orders starting in the new year!

thanks for looking and i hope you like it! :D:nod:
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This was the hardest thing ever not to splurge and buy one tomorrow, but I did the wise choice and bought tons of gifts for my loved ones. This looks like my dream and endgame device (probably hahaha) but I'll have to hold back and wait another couple months.

Damn you for making such amazing and attractive gear! Can't wait to hold my very own TetraP80 <3
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