Super Low Temp/Carb Cap

I finally got a titanium nail.and carb cap for my rig. I was browsing the interwebs for tips and tricks and came across what someone described as the lowest temp dabs essentially.
The method involves putting your dab on your nail cold and placing the carb cap on the nail cold. I usually place the airflow of the carb cap right over the medicine. I heaten the unit as a whole, but mostly the nail right underneath. When a little vapor escapes the carb cap it's ready for a very light hit. A few more seconds and you can take a monster, milky hit. And even after that it's good for a couple more decent hits.
The method seems to make dabs go even further than they already do. Instead of doing 3 for hits, 1 becomes about three hits.
Anyone else do this? And, my most important question - does this actually effectivelly capture the lowest temperature for dabbing? Or something in the practical vicinity of that anyway?
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