store herbs in squonk bottle?

Has anyone tried to use the space of the squonk bottle, preferably the actual bottle that comes with the mod, to store herbs?

This has a nice wide top, a hole that would need to be taped over, and it looks like a tube that would have to be gracefully removed from the mod. If the cap screwed on rather than press on it seems like it would be mighty convenient. Or if some of them had a space that was the same size as some other container... I've never seen one in person. Impcognito would love this Pico Squeeze 2, it takes 21700 but still pretty compact.

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Squonk (I like the word too) bottles are meant to feed tankless RDAs („Rebuildable Drip Atomizer“) by squeezing e juice through a hole on the cotton and coil. They are long and narrow and usually very soft and floppy, I don't see them being very useful as a container for weed at all.


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As Siebter pointed out, the bottle not ideal for storing herb. Either ldpe or silicone on the more expensive squonk bottles but opening pretty slim. The aether squonk has a little door underneath the bottle and i guess u could find either glass/metal/plastic tubing same diameter and make a compartment, plus they stabwood so imp would look really good on them. Mines boxed up but here's a stock pic

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MistVape could probably make a compartment out of wood that might fit? I wonder if it could even be glass lined....
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