Sticky half-dried weed - what do I do?


Hey guys,
I am getting medicinal cannabis due to a back injury, the weed itself is average+
some mainstream strains like: White Widow, Chocolope, Maui Waui, Purple Kush, Cherry Pie, etc'
The problem is the medicine I get is not dried properly, it's sticky as hell but not crunchy, when I put it in my Sharpstone grinder it just sticks to the blades and is not really breaking down (there's no use telling the venders because they just don't care).
My question is, what is the fastest and most efficient way for me to complete the job of drying?
I don't want to do it via microwave etc', I know it destroys the Trichomes.

Thanks a bunch people :)


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Not sure of the qty your talking about, but I'd take a paper bag, put your buds into it spread out and laying on its side with the bag top closed for a day or two (make sure the bag is large or small enough to allow a decent amount of 'head room/airspace' with your load).

Chances are, if its not dried properly its also not cured properly...... once it crisps up using the bag, do yourself a pleasurable favor and jar cure some of it up (keep an eye on moisture level and burp your jars as needed).


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If my herb is too moist I just drop it in some vape and it's dry after one hit. Then poke it with scissors and it's ground.

I do it everytime, I never grind or cut anymore, it's so easily crushed into powder after a vape hit, load it unground, hit it, crush it, hit it, stir it, hit it...


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The simplest way I've found is to just leave a bit of bud at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. If your bud is "half dried" it should be fully dried in 1 - 3 hours.
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