Steam Chalice?


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I stumbled upon this today


Seems to work like a hookah almost, hot coals on that top of that plate and herbs in the chamber so you get "steam" (vapor) rather than smoke.

Any of you vape fiends have experience with such a tool?


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I'd kind of like one of these, mainly for an ornament.
I'd perhaps be a little concerned about fumes from the coals?

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I would be knocking those hot ass coals all over me, I already know this much.

Edit - The guy who says he didn't get it corrected the story in a later post on the next page. It was help up in customs and did come through. It was not a scam.
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Yeah man, that's where I went. Paypal wasn't working for some reason, but I'm not worried. I wonder how it's put if the kutchie is removable....and if the down stem could be somehow modified to work as a 14mm female joint that could run a lotus or omnivong...and still hold the kutchie
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