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If you've got a vape or related accessory you no longer want, list the model and condition, any extras or missing parts, etc. (listing the price is optional).

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Be sure to make sure items are 100% clean before shipping. See: how to clean your vaporizer.
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TRADES WELCOME I'm interested in GonG jointed pieces, vapes not listed in my signature, guitars/basses/saxes or cash. Paypal payments only. Continental US only or shipping will have to be discussed in depth. I'm very much after: log vapes, Vriptechs, the Oracle, another Lotus, a Supreme V2, Vapman, Aromed, Element and others.

- LSV in excellent condition. One revised style and one original style heater cover. One vapor tamer, one shorter transfer wand, one long 19mm WPA, one short 19mm WPA adapter. Does not include the LSV hemp bag, packed bombproof. 325 plus shipping or trade. Price lowered.

-Black Vapolution version 1.0 with AIW bowl and two bowls, no tubing included, good condition, zero signs of dial problems. 65 plus shipping, great deal with AIW.

-Vaporpro lighter-based vape, 14mm GonG model, used, actually is a replacement bowl + stock heat diffuser, bowl was made by Etsy artist SimpleGlassTubes and is of markedly higher build quality than the one I purchased the vaporpro with. SGT FTW FYI, ha. 45 + shipping. Trades always welcome!

-Vaporstar vaporizer, in great shape. 25 dollars shipped.
-Vape Or Smoke Ninja edition, great shape. 75 plus shipping. Price dropped
-One 18.8mm Weedstar connector arm, 13 plus shipping.
- Inhalater vaporizer, works fine. 70 dollars, shipping included or trade. Price dropped.
-Glass vapobowl, Trade only.
-Herbo Classic trade only
-Herbalaire I might consider trading this for a nice log vape setup or a Vriptech.
-2 piece grinder Puffitup model given as a freebie with VG coil (thanks Randy!), but I've already got one so I'm passing it on. 8 dollars shipped, completely unused.

Any offer will be entertained! I would prefer to do trades with people with higher post counts and a longer history on the forum.
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appa juice

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Looking to sell my MFLB (maple, just warrantied; probably used less than 20 times) with charger and batts. Bought the LaCrosse Bc700 charger and powerex 2700 batts. Looking to sell the whole setup for $100 (shipping not included) but I'm open to offers, please email me if you're interested. I'm looking to buy an Extreme Q; any trade offers would be considered as well.

Everything is like new. I'll clean the screen if you desire as well. Pictures available to seriously interested buyers.
appa juice,


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Spring Sale

I am cleaning my space and I will only hold to my dearest devices.
Here is what I am giving out:

Herborizer XL system 14.5mm. I love the taste, but it does not meet my daily habits.

Vapolution Vaporizer. Not used in the last 5 months.

Incognito Vaporizer. This is pratically new and used only two times. Nothing wrong with it, it is just not my type.

Send me an email with an offer for all three items mentioned above and we can work out on a nice discount.


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Have an Iolite up for grabs.

Purchased December 11/09. Used daily until March 8/10. I'm currently using Extreme, SSV and Launch Box. All will go camping with me and I have no need for Iolite.

Works, still have bill of sales, will clean with ISO before shipping. Prefer to ship to USA or Canada.

What do I want? I dunno. A small bong w/perc, donate to a local homeless shelter.

How's the shipping work? I send it to you as cheap as possible, and with a tracking number. When you get it, then donate to a local place or email me about a bong. It really doesn't matter.


(email me if interested)

Selling my 8mm thick/ 14mm joint/ 14.5" HVY with diffused downstem.
Comes with padded bag; shown.
Was only used for vaping.
Owned new, less than 3 months.
Perfect condition.
Clean, waiting for shipment to you!
Pay-Pal preferred.
I paid $190+ total for the piece and the bag;
yours for $100 SHIPPED!!: to lower 48 states USA
I'm quick about returning my e-mails, so type to you soon!



Selling a Vapir No2 for 85 to a UK buyer only. It's been used once and cleaned. It's boxed and looks as new. It comes with all the parts the original one did. Please email me at if you're interested - I can send pictures of contents. The price includes shipping to a UK address.


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I am selling an almost new (2 months old) Novus from Vaporfection, 400$ shipping included for USA, if in France 260 shipping not included.


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PRICE REDUCED!!! $120!!!

1 week old MFLB + La Crosse BC 900 Smart charger BUNDLE FOR SALE.
$130 Shipped.


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For sale: I have a 20" "Namebrand Glass" straight tube with a 14mm showerhead reducing downstem. Also with it a 14mm showerhead ash catcher for 200 all together. Willing to sell separately.

Also for sale a rare 13" purple argyle "roots" straight tube with a diffused 14mm downstem for 80. Perfect for vaping. Milton thick vapes.

and a bad video of it in action


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I am selling my almost-new "16" Dude Glass Bong with Aluminum case". Comes with case, acrylic grinder, lighter, 15 extras screens. Used a few times for vaping only, and cleaned thorougly each time. There is absolutely no smell. I'm selling because I bought a smaller beaker-type tube.

Bong size: 16" high, 50mm diam.
Case: 18" x 6" x 7"



Video with DBV:

Regular shipping included anywhere in Canada and lower 48 States.

Paypal and Interact email friendly :D Fees extra.


I am selling the following items in France or/and Europe.
The expedition fees will be calculated depending on the destination. Bombproof packaging conditions!

1 Incognito Vaporizer (Blue). Perfect conditions. US plug. 90

1 Digital Volcano. Perfect conditions. US plug. 370

1 essential VAAAPP pipe (purple). Perfect conditions (all accessories included: case, screens, vials, o-rings). 60
1 110 to 220V/ 200 watts transformer that will make the 2 electrical vapes above work like champs. 15

Everything is "as new", as I am very very very careful with my stuff!

Please send me a mail for any questions or if you want some pictures!

the ob

all good in the hood.
I am selling my lotus vaporizer. 100.00 I can accept paypal as long as it is marked as a gift.

This has been used just a couple of times. There is the ever present discoloration on the top of the bowl that is there the first time you use it. Includes scoop and lighter.

I am also considering selling my silver surfer. black on black. I have not settled on a price yet. If interested, email me offers. Used about six times total.
the ob,


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Couple things I need to get rid of ASAP, had some unexpected bills. Paypal only to protect you and me, buyer pays shipping. Please feel free to email me offers as I really need cash asap for my daughters medication.

My DBV (black) - just upgraded to the ssv
-clean/extra tubing/new
-heater cover
-3 mouth pieces (clear, green, pink)
-hemp bag

$145 obo

Mini HVY beaker tube
about 12"
worked blue/orange

$85 obo

250ml EHLE with ice pinches

$65 obo



For Sale: 15.25" Vertigo Inline Tube
Has a 18mm slide joint. There is a small scratch
on the base, came that way from ALT, otherwise
an amazing tube! Was my daily driver for months!

$190 shipped, will ship to continental US and
Canada...Paypal only and the fees are on me.
Email me if interested or have any questions :peace:



For Sale: 13" Hitman tube w/ Brilliance Disc Perc by Steve Bates and turbine splash guard
Flawless tube, no scratches, flea bites etc....An amazing piece of glass!
Slide joint is 18mm. B. Wilson disc screen slide included.

Final Price Drop! $450 shipped (CAD) PayPal only, I'll eat the fees.
Shipping to Continental US and Canada. Shipped bomb proof.
If you are interested or have any questions shoot me a email :peace:



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I know ill regret this but I'm posting my myrtlezap for sale. It's currently not working but only needs a small inexpensive fix. The transformer needs a repair. Rick sells The kit on his site for 8$. I'm gonna miss this but I recently got into astronomy and would like to fund that hobby, so my vape collection must shrink.

Included with the unit is...

Three normal stems
One non carbed glass tooty stem (clear)
Any remaining wax
Any remaining scented oils
And I'm not at home...I'm unsure if I know the exact location of the aromatherapy cup
Broken transformer (needs kit mentioned above 8$)

I'm listing it for 120 shipping. Feel free to email me through the forum!
Get it quick before I change my mind. I'm hesitant to sell this. It has a lot of sentimental value



For Sale: Labworx 14mm 90 degree Ti Skillet

$65 (CAD) shipped PayPal only and I'll eat the fees.
Shipping to Canada and the continental US. Shipped
bombproof, if interested or have any questions shoot
me an email :)



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FOR SALE: EVERYTHING I'm selling INCLUDES shipping price and I take Paypal only.

Everything is priced fairly, if you don't think so please send me your best offer.

Please e-mail me if interested

Atom Smasher Concentrate Pipe $65 or best offer $50 SHIPPED
(left side of swinging glass grevo is broken off, still swings and works fine)


Concentrate Bowl - 14mm GonG - clear - barely used - $15 - SOLD

Concentrate Bowl - 14mm GonG - blue/red colored - used once $15 -SOLD

original VripTech 14mm GonG slide/upper (not pictured) - SOLD

Glass Skillet - 18mm GonG - glass curve with glass skillet - $35 or best offer SOLD


PLUS Blazemaster all clear 14mm VHW slide $25
PLUS Blazemaster blue/red worked 14mm VHW slide (NEVER USED) - $35

$55 shipped for the 2 blazemaster slides




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Hello, i sell my VripTech Heat Wand. I have bought it in January, and it works like a charm.
This vaporizer is amazing !
But i don't use water tools and bongs anymore..... only balloons !

I sell it with the Chamber Bowl.
I accept only paypal, and i prefer selling in Europe because he has an Euro plug.
I propose to divding the shipment costs.

So here is my bill of January :

VHWE Vaporization Heat Wand 60W 230V ( Euro plug) $199.99
VCBS_18_8mm Vaporization Chamber Bowl Shorty w/18.8mm ground joint $59.99

I sell all the package for 100 or 150$ !!!!!!!!!

Contact me at

(Photos available on demand)




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EDIT: Had a sale pending but it fell through, so this thing is cleaned, packed up, and ready to go ASAP.

Another shot at moving my Iolite

$110 (firm) + shipping, whatever that turns out to be. This is the Canadian special edition:

It's never been fed anything but high-quality butane, it runs great and has given me a solid ten months of service. Obviously it will be cleaned and packed very well before it gets sent off.
Alright guys testing waters; I just got in my Arizer Solo and would like to trade it. Mainly looking for a SupremeV2 but glass & other vapes are cool too. I have had it for about two days, everything works fine, and the unit has seen a little more then a g. Email me for pictures and I'll get off my lazy ass and put some in this here post.


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Arizer Solo For Sale, barely used a few times, like new condition. Purchased from K.J. Rockwise for $300, comes with warrenty, I will be vaping oil with Ti mostly, that's why I'm getting rid of this. $220 Shipped! :o

Contact me for pics, or will be available soon. :peace:
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