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Hello @ all :wave:,

i have read a lot but i hope you can help me :cool:to find a nice Vapo for the evening @ home...

I try the Flowermate 5 S and the Arizer Solo but both of them make me not really happy... The difference between this both Vaps are not big in my opinion...

I miss the Clouds and hope I can find a Vapo with this Feature... Is it possible ?



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There are so many vaporizers out there and so many differences in technical approach and characteristics. Quite frankly, aside from dense clouds, to be really helpful we would probably want to know what else you value in a vape.

With that said, and assuming that you meant a desktop unit for home use (vice a portable for home use), then I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest a log vape like the Enano. I also own a Volcano and an EVO, but heavy hitters so why the recommendation for Enano.

Well, its reasonably priced compared to others, its simplicity at its best, its convection, its very efficient and runs well with .05 -.075 gram loads (impressive), will provide very good taste, and depending on the temp you pick, it will give you clouds for certain. Also, you can use direct or with an Enano GonG and water pipe. It does use glass and glass breaks.

Now, if you don't care about cost and what to run larger loads, perhaps the EVO. I have the EVO with a Turbine Hydrotube and it is THE BEAST in terms of cloud generation and its a pretty efficient convection vape also. I run my EVO at .1 - .15 grams but it can easily go to .3 or higher if you like larger loads. Also convection and clean all glass vapor path. It also uses glass and glass breaks.

Now, the Volcano....its built like a T-72 tank, requires almost no dexterity (for medical patients), is completely and 100% consistent with reproducible results, is flexible on load size (between fully filling the regular chamber, only putting .15 grams in a regular chamber, or using the dosing capsules and reduced chamber for .05 gram loads), and bag vapes are very nice for sipping while cooking dinner and the like and are wonderful for parties or group sessions. No glass.

There are SO many other good vapes and perhaps with more info I or more experienced members can give you better guidance.



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Thank you for the good Informations but i can´t order the Enano to Germany :-/

So i like the Crafty / Mighty and maybe the Boundless CFV or CFX...

I only smoke @ home and i take a look on every Vapo and don´t know what i can buy...

I want a device that is not to big and easy to use with nice Clouds...

Do you Need more Information ?


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i have my Arizer Extreme-Q @ home, and I am very pleased with it, and with all the accessories that you can put on it. at home, you want the best quality and portability is not an issue. you can use any kind of filters, you can forget about battery charging and shit.

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So i like the Crafty / Mighty and maybe the Boundless CFV or CFX...

Well, if you know you like S&B Crafty/Mighty or CFX then IMO its merely a financial decision as the CFX is about 1/2 the price while the Mighty is a higher build quality and (I've been told) is slightly better on vapor quality.

There you go, mate :tup::rockon:


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I say check out the Vapir Rise 2.0. Great desktop. Whips or bags. Hepa filter.


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There are a lot of possibilities out there. Do your homework and read up on various vaporizers:cool: sounds like you want a plug in. You didn't say how much you wanted to spend? You can buy a great vaporizer for $200. You don't need to spend a lot of money. Find something that will fill your needs as to your lifestyle.

We all are different but many find a log vape to fit into their lives as a great vaporizing tool. I happen to prefer mostly an all glass air path. I like the idea of a wood body and not plastic. I have a Enano and I believe they will ship to Europe. Give them an email.

Buying a vaporizer is a tough decision if you haven't had a chance to try a certain vape out. The only thing you can go on is somebody else's observation and experiences. Read about 5 pages of each of the units that you are interested in.
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If you don't mind using a butane torch to bring it up to temperature, the Supreme V3 is worth looking at if you want a cloud machine. I'm a little afraid of mine. The first time I used it I thought I took a normal hit, but...Ever break out in a sweat from a vapor hit? I mean the kind of sweat where your clothes are wet? Yes, through water, but no not a carburetor; I didn't clear a bong or anything, just a "normal" hit through a bubbler. You'll have to Email the guy to buy one though ($150 to $200). Check out the Supreme thread over in portables if you're remotely interested. I know every vape has its' fanboys but really, nothing hits harder IMHO.
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Agree with @DieHard
I miss the Clouds and hope I can find a Vapo with this Feature... Is it possible ?

No problems with cloud production, add a little more money and you can have the best of both worlds with a variable power supply.
Turn it up and get high temp thick clouds, lower the power and you can still get nice vapor production with the added bonus of great flavor.

Plenty of pretty pictures to look at on the thread.
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