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We realize that retailers can have a unique insight into the vaporizers that they sell since they deal with them on a day to day basis. This knowledge base can be beneficial to FC's membership if shared openly. With that in mind we have decided to now allow retailers to participate in vaporizer thread discussions going forward (to date they had not been allowed to post in those threads), but with the following restrictions in place to ensure posts aren't simply promotional:

Retailers may now participate in vape threads with the following conditions:
  • No promotion of your site allowed in your posts, period. This means you can't announce that you are having a sale, or that you have new inventory of XYZ vape, etc.
  • All posts must be informational and factual about products and not merely promotional in nature (such as "this vape is great, you should get one"). Responding to inquiries in a thread is fine, such as answering a question like "what's the battery capacity of XYZ vape?" or "is the joint 14mm or 18mm?"
  • Don't perform customer service in a thread. If a member asks you directly about your business (orders, sales, stock, RMAs etc.) do not reply in the thread, rather take it up with the member via PM.
  • If you are unsure if a post would be ok under this new policy, please ask the staff prior to posting for guidance.
The reason we had not allowed retailers to post in vape threads is because we didn't want FC to look like it's full of ads. We believe we can continue to keep spammy posts or ads off the site by enforcing a zero tolerance policy. If we feel a retailer is not adhering to the spirit of this new rule change, they will lose their posting privileges.

If you are a retailer and are having issues being able to post, please contact the staff.

If for whatever reason this new rule backfires entirely, we will revert back to the old way, so consider this an experiment for now.:science:



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@Stu thanks for addressing this, makes sense. Any discussions about updating forum software? Does such a change require funding, if so I would propose some crowd site and would be willing to contribute.


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yeah i was kinda confused on why they weren't allowed too as long as they aren't promoting which you covered that in the conditions.

its a good idea now


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@Stu thanks for addressing this, makes sense. Any discussions about updating forum software? Does such a change require funding, if so I would propose some crowd site and would be willing to contribute.
Nothing on the software updates yet as that can only be done by @vtac. Money has nothing to do with it, but thanks for looking out for us. ;)



So that's a hard no.

Please correct me if I am wrong, however if we have a dedicated thread to a device or just to a particular manufacturer would be the only exception to this. For instance, Divine Tribes can post a promotion in a thread dedicated to his device. Again, please correct if I am wrong or feel free to clarify.
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The OP is referring to retailers specifically. Back in the early days of this site a decision was made to keep promotional posts from retailers out of discussion threads. New online vape stores were popping up seemingly every night and many of them made accounts here with the hope of promoting their wares with little regard for any rules. With a few careful exceptions we walled them off in places like the retailer announcement thread.

The OP is saying we realize that there are a lot more good retailers these days who can add helpful information to discussion threads. For example VapeStoreXYZ can post in the Digivection2.6 thread saying "You can reset the temperature history log by holding A and B for 10 seconds". Any type of promotional post still isn't allowed.

Retailers are welcome to post sales/deals etc. in the retailer announcements thread. Members often post them directly in discussion threads and there's no problem there unless it becomes one.

Manufacturers can do all the promotion they want in their own threads as long as they abide by the manufacturer rules (some updates needed).
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