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Now I like the idea of solid valve so I can use on my herbie.
Please post pics of Herbie/ Solid Valve setup. That's why I ordered Solid valve kit but they sent me Easy Valve :( Still working on resolving that fuckup.

Does one use just the solid valve balloon setup with some kind of adapter? what adapter?
Or somehow thru the Volcano chamber and balloon?


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Got my first order from vapeusa. Looks like, as with those who bought the Haze, my SSV VIP is the earlier model, not the 1.3. Totally okay with that. Now I just gotta figure out what liquids I can use to fill the tank (such a noob about concentrates). DHL and the USPS dragged delivery out a bit, but I am pretty happy with the purchase and customer service, aside from the inventory management issues they had.

2nd order (back up pen in black) arriving by Monday.


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Man, my new SSV

Do they usually send it with the head cover attached? I wished they sent that piece bubble wrapped

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If you ordered a solid valve and were sent an easy one, you might be able to get them to comp you the solid valve and send it out to you.


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@sticks, thanks man. I would never have thought to look again at inventory as they were out. I was just communicating with them a couple hours ago to try to fix the mistakes in my orders.

I just sent PM via their website to hold that Solid Valve as I ordered Solid but rcvd Easy Valve :(
They better save one kit to fix their f-up


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Man, my new SSV
Do they usually send it with the head cover attached? I wished they sent that piece bubble wrapped

That IS lame! I bet if you tell them how much it will cost to buy that piece, they'd refund you for that amount.

Mine shipped and it will be here next Thursday. I hope FedEx is nice to it. I wanted that zen finish, but ended up with the cracked white and a blue base. Hopefully it looks nice. Worst case scenario, I'll sell it on eBay. Actually I wish I'd thought of that much earlier when lots more was in stock.:lol:

BTW, When I sent my Da Buddha in for repair, 7th Floor shipped it back with the heater cover attached.

I wish this company would be done with this sale already. I've ordered so many things that my husband has started calling me The Vape Queen. I've almost convinced him to fuck combustion - mostly by having a loaded vape ready in every room. Damn, life is good now that the children are grown! :leaf:


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I'm not sure they pay attention to ssv colors. I ordered a green and blue and they sent a black and silver
They actually shipped the color I wanted. It's the zen color with a green base. It looks nice. I contacted them through email and they responded asking my order number. I think I will call them tomorrow. Volcano came in perfect condition today. I get crazy vas when I see deals. The last was the esv when vapornation was selling them for $150.

I always tell myself I will sell it if I don't use it. Haven't sold a vape yet (laziness)


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SSV arrived from Vapeusa. It's so pretty! I love the custom knob. :-)



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Just wanted to post in here about S&B's customer service. TL,DR: it's great.

I recently had my Crafty die on me again (for the third time). After sending it in for repair (and buying a Firefly 2 in the meantime :brow: you know, for backup... and since the battery is user replaceable!), I got the option from S&B to upgrade to one of their other products. Since I never used the Crafty outside of the home, I opted for the Volcano Classic, along with the EasyValve kit and reducer chamber.... all for $40 extra.

Couldn't be happier, even though it's a completely different mode of use.

While I loved the performance/effect of the Crafty (and being able to use it "hands-free" by clamping down on the straw with my lips and rock it like Sherlock while playing my favorite FPS :D), the battery/charging aspect of it is just not there yet, IMO.

I don't know if it's the supplier for their batteries, if I was just in a bad batch that made it through the QA, or what, but I'm not a heavy user, and they kept on failing.

But, I have to say that they kept me as a customer with the upgrade offer, though. :rockon:
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I bought a hard to find item from these guys:

I called after ordering to confirm they had it and they checked and found it was out of stock for a while. They offered several solutions, and I decided I wanted a refund. They processed the refund immediately and without fuss.

I'm posting because I didn't know anything about them when I purchased and I was glad to see they took care of me. The customer service was friendly and understanding.


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Now I know we are not supposed to just attack companies, but I feel I have sufficient reason to start this thread.....

And I know others have had issues too....

Basically what happened to me was a very simple warranty return for my faulty solo...
First I spent a week contacting them to tell them of my issue. Every day I was forgotten and had to start again, this happened multiple times.... apologies were made and I was told they had issues with their system.....:shit:

When I finally got to a technician, he was useless and seemed to know nothing about the solo, for some strange reason we went round in circles describing problem and getting long blank pauses back, it was like this was their first ever warranty the end I had to prompt him and say 'well look mate, it's obviously gotta come in, so shall I post it to you'.....

Anyway I got it posted off, and from then, was OK, good contact and not too slow turnaround, considering I'd already had a broke solo for a week...

But then, after me telling them multiple times not to send to billing address, and giving them the correct address, the muppets still sent it to an address an hour from mine....

After moaning on fc I received a phone call from kory zelickson (Co founder of nemastavapes along with Sean dollinger),
Bit weird don't you think, i did....
Anyway it was agreed that I would collect and he would reimburse, so I collected, and he did reimburse, but again only after I bugged him....

Spent my 35 voucher with nemastavapes, mainly on 20 quids worth of evo elb's.....
They came so squashed, they were I moaned on fc again, and got a call, again.... this time promising me more reimbursement, that was over a week ago now....

I don't want your shit anymore, I'm happier to just leave a shit load of bad feedback everywhere I can for you.....

Everybody should know to steer clear of these shadey people, there is no need to ship with them, they have poor stock selection, high prices, awfull customer service, and lies on the website, which kory had removed after I pointed them out.... like claiming that the Arizer eq has superior vapour production over the evo....:shit:

I'm sure you will read this kory, I was nice, I gave you plenty of chances, and you took the piss...... sure iv lost some money, but if this post stops one sale for you, then we are even.....

you have certainly lost any future business from me and my friends....

Don't ring me this time kory, not interested....

Anyone else wanna share some nemastashite:shit::shit::shit::shit::shit:
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