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This is a thread for members to discuss their experiences with online retailers of vaporizers and vaporizer related accessories. Retailers are allowed to post in this thread for the sole purpose of addressing questions or concerns raised here. Anything even remotely resembling advertising will be removed. Please stay on topic.

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Regarding 1percent, they have been around forever. I purchased my first ProtoPipe from them almost 15 years ago. Haven't done any business with them recently, but they were perfectly legit when I delt with them back then.


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Don't know if this is out of line for this thread or not, so to the mods, if it is, I apologize and will post in another thread if need be.

This is directed at

First a question. Can the FC and FC-1 coupons be combined on the same order? Being that you get 15% off on any order and 12% off if 50 dollars and above, it seems like you can combine them if the order is over 50 bucks. Am I correct in this assumption?

Secondly, you may have a credibility issue here because on the page titled, "Our favorite vaporizers", you list a cheap Chinese VaporBros digital knock-off for 45.99. That may be fine for the general public because they really don't know any better, but for the more knowledgeable vaporists here, listing that vape as your favorite may tarnish a bit of your credibility. Just my :2c:, for whatever it's worth, because those types of knock-offs are known to have inaccurate and fluctuating temp controllers while possibly having unhealthy materials used in their construction. To be blunt, is that piece of crap really one of your favorites? I mean I know that you put in there to hit a 50 dollar price point, but man, something legit like a VaporGenie would have been a much better choice.

btw, what's the warranty on that piece? None? And the following that is pulled of your site is also a bit of a concern:

Warranty Disclaimer
This site and the materials and products on this site are provided "as is" and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied.


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The coupons cant be used together, we do have to make some profit :)

Regarding the generic vaporizer, your criticism is valid. We seriously tested every generic vaporizer we could find and this is the only one worth selling, we do this because most first time vaporizer users aren't yet willing to shell out a lot of cash for a great vaporizer. Although it is a low end vaporizer, I think we can all agree that the more people vaporizing the better. These do arrive dead on arrival from time to time, we have never required someone to return this vaporizer. If it doesn't work we ship a new one no questions asked....... It should also be noted that after we run out of that specific vaporizer we are switching to the version made by vaporite.

That warranty disclaimer needs to be changed and I thank you for pointing it out. Our technical return policy is 30 day full refund for any reason. Since we started selling in 2008, we have never rejected a return no matter how long it has been or what condition the item is in. we have a perfect feedback score on eBay (puffitup) and would be willing to jump off a roof to keep our customers happy.

lwien, I really appreciate your feedback. Any comment made about our site, good or bad, is taken seriously. This is how we better ourselves :)

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An update on PuffitUp. Randy changed their disclaimer to read:
Warranty Disclaimer
Our job is not done until you are 100% satisfied

All Items we sell come with a full 30 day warranty from the date of delivery unless otherwise specified. Please contact us before returning any items. If your item is past the 30 day mark, we encourage you to still contact us. If we can arrange a repair or replacement after 30 days from purchase, we will be happy to do so.

MUCH better. A company that is this responsive is a rarity.



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Figured I'd post a little feedback on my experience with a couple vendors. I've been lurking for a couple weeks looking for a good vap and decided on the Zephyr Ion after reading all the feedback here.

A quick Google search for the Ion lead me to I should have looked here before placing my order because I missed the coupon posted above. I placed an order last Wednesday night, the 24th and it still hadn't shipped by the end of the day Friday. I'm not super impatient so this isn't the end of the world. When it hadn't shipped by the end of the day Monday I sent an email asking what the status was and asked if they were unable to ship it by the next day to please cancel the order. Today, a week after placing the order, I finally received a reply stating they canceled the order per request. WTF? How hard is it to ship an order in 4 business days? I can only assume they're selling stock they don't have, drop shipping, or are just really slow. A bit surprising after reading the good feedback on VapeNow here on FC so maybe just an anomaly.

This lead me to I came back today to the FC forums to look for another vendor that sold the Ion. I get down to Not much feedback here but I'm in Colorado, and according to the post above, so are they. I also came across them numerous times on the Google when searching for info on the Zephyr Ion. I decide to shoot them an email to see if they have any coupons. Less than 5 minutes later they emailed back to say give us a call and we'll give you a discount on your order, ship it out today and you'll have it tomorrow. They were super nice and the rep I talked to owns the Ion himself and said I could give him a call if I had any questions about the vaporizer. I suggested they post a coupon here for the FC community so hopefully they can come through.

I actually just got my FedEx tracking number while typing this post. Nice! I can't wait to report back on the Zephyr Ion. :p


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My favorite reseller has without a doubt been I've been making a majority of my purchases for the past 7-10 years online, from electronics to clothes to vapes. I can't think of any online retailer that processes and ships faster than them.

They're easy as hell to get a hold of and quick to get back to you, whether you use the live chat on their website, email or phone. I've ordered through them 3 times so far. The first time was for a DBV aroma dish and spare whip - ordered thursday night and didnt expect it until monday, but I found a package waiting for me that saturday. Next was my magic-flight launch box (which i actually ordered from them through amazon because i had a amazon gift card), same deal, ordered thursday and didnt expect it till monday but got it on saturday. (they're in FL and i'm in PA, so a pretty considerable distance)

I just placed my third order (for a glossy black-rainbow SSV), placed the order online and called them once to specify that i wanted a standard (non-ground-glass) wand kit instead and again a couple hours later because i forgot to specify my color preference for the carrying case. Both of the times i called them on the phone it was answered promptly (<3 rings, no automated voice system or crap like that) and the dude i talked to was very quick, helpful, and familiar with the products and got my order squared away. Both calls took less than a minute. I'm sure my SSV will arrive quickly and exactly as i ordered. *edit* Yes, it certainly did! :D totally love it.

Between this speed and quality of service and the FC2010 promo code on top of the already good prices, i really can't see why anyone would want to order from anywhere else (unless of course VW doesnt have what they're looking for). Just my :2c:


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I Just bought the Zephyr Ion vaporizer from I used the 15% off coupon, got free shipping and it arrived in 2 days. also included a grinder, 420 cleaner and 420 air freshener for free. I highly recommend Puffitup they have supper fast shipping that sent out the day i ordered it and seemed to be a great website.


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Got to concur with the above post regarding puttitup. Got a SC container from them a few days ago. Just ordered a few more small ones, and they shipped 10 minutes after I placed the order. Great customer service, and.............they instantly reply to any emails that I have sent them. I really can't see how a buying experience can get any better than this. I recommend them highly.


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just wanted to through my :2c: in about the above and beyond customer service I've received from both before and after the sale the people I have deal with at this company really care about you and not just your money they take the time to answer questions even before you buy from them I have now made two purchases from them and about to make my third, great company.


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Seached the forum and appears no one has typed Vapemart before you so.... lol guessing not!

I've had great service from both vapeworld and vapenow though. Good luck!


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Vapemart seems to be an OK dealer, but considering their products and standard prices, vs. the dealers that offer discounts to FC members, I don't see any advantage to buying there.


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Thanks on the response re: Vapemart. I ended up using Vaperstore.

I have now had great experiences with Vapeworld, Vaperstore and BlissSville. Used the FC discount at Vapeworld and Vaperstore, which is a thing of beauty. It saved almost $20 on a vape that I bought as present. The shipping has been free from Vapeworld and all three companies shipped really quickly. The merchandise in each case was received within three days.


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ryanp0617 said:
I Just bought the Zephyr Ion vaporizer from I used the 15% off coupon, got free shipping and it arrived in 2 days. also included a grinder, 420 cleaner and 420 air freshener for free. I highly recommend Puffitup they have supper fast shipping that sent out the day i ordered it and seemed to be a great website.
puffitup is definitely good
15% off is great, fast shipping, and a nice free grinder
they're really friendly and helpful too which is really cool


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FC-2010 - 12% off
iparts15 - 15% off iolite and related parts
Can't get either of these vapeworld codes to work today.... Are VW discounts over or are there new codes??

Need new IO stems


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Anyone had experience with Searched FC, no results.

Decent prices, but they sell the globe :/


But they have free shipping if you spend over $50.


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I just want to chime in with my recent experience with I ordered a magic flight launch box from VapeWorld through I didn't order directly from the site because I had amazon gift cards. There were other distributors selling MFLBs on amazon, but I chose VapeWorld because of their same-day shipping; I wanted my vape as soon as possible so I chose priority mail.

I placed my order Sunday, so it should have shipped on Monday, according to the site. Monday came and went, no tracking number. Tuesday, same story. On Wednesday, after not hearing anything all morning, I sent an email to VapeWorld to find out what was up. I thought maybe because I ordered through amazon the shipping was delayed. That didn't seem fair. Vapeworld purports to have the fastest shipping, after all.

So I waited, thinking I'd be hearing from them promptly. No reply. I also filled out their "contact us" form on their website. I was at work and on my smartphone so I couldn't do the chat. Still no response. Later that day, Wednesday, three business days after I placed my order, I finally get a tracking number. From amazon--not vapeworld. I'm pissed that I paid for expedited shipping now. What's more, the next morning, Thursday, I tracked the package and it said "electronic shipping info received". The post hadn't even gotten the package yet. So at this point I'm fed up. I didn't have work yesterday (Thursday) so I signed on their LiveChat feature. What a difference. I talked to "vape Chris" and explained the situation. He apologized for the delay, agreed that my order should have been shipped Monday, and explained that he personally handled amazon orders and he was on a business trip over the weekend that was delayed, and he wasn't in the office on Monday. He then told me he would refund the extra cost for expedited shipping, which I think was between 3 and 4 dollars. He refunded me $5. So I was satisfied; at least I got something, right? I just wish I had done the chat before they shipped it--maybe they would have given me free overnight. I would rather have gotten my vape on time, but at least I didn't just get screwed over. Vape Chris was very helpful and understanding; he even gave me his own email address for any future questions I might have. He said he didn't know why no one responded to my email. Oh well, at least I know I won't have that problem. But what about YOU, fellow vaporists?

Edit: Got my launch box today. It actually arrived yesterday but I couldn't pick it up till today. It is awesome. However, Vapeworld claimed to include a free aluminum grinder and herb sample with the vape. I received neither.


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I did order something from vapeworld but cannot recall what it was. I do remember corresponding with vape chris, I think maybe it was a wand question but I cannot really recall. Anyways very professional, accurate and shipping was as fast as it could be.

I would certainly buy from them with confidence. Thank you isis for telling of your situation. While unfortunate it is good to see the issue was corrected and seems like you just had the odd of luck of falling through the cracks.

Happy vaping and I would look forward to reading a review of mflb from you. Even though there are many the more perspectives the better.

Happy Vaping all!


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I have ordered from and I got very fast free shipping and a free grinder.


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here's a good report for I've put in 2 orders with them now and they seem pretty quick. They did actually forget to include the free chromium crusher with my fclove code, but they caught the error themselves after a day and notified me that it was being shipped out on its own.


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Another good experience with Ordered some small bits and package seemed late, check tracking and it's left florida - headed north WTF. Emailed vapeworld, they checked it out and said they'd mail me another package, which they did. I end up with two packages! Paid for 2nd rather than send back ;)

They were really nice to send out the package when the error was with shipper not them!


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I ordered some new blue colored tubing last week from and once again had a smooth order. I received tracking quickly and my order arrived 3 days later.
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Lo said:
Another good experience with Ordered some small bits and package seemed late, check tracking and it's left florida - headed north WTF. Emailed vapeworld, they checked it out and said they'd mail me another package, which they did. I end up with two packages! Paid for 2nd rather than send back ;)

They were really nice to send out the package when the error was with shipper not them!
Nice! VERY few companies, will take care of their customers in that manner.

I've never bought anything from vapeworld, but have heard nothing but great things about them within the industry.
Cappella Sistina,
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