Purely on taste: MiniVAP VS DynaVap Onmi (with Orion Induction Heater)


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I love the flavor offered by my Tafee Bowle, it has really been a delight - and the instant heat up, and seamless operation of the TB has made me a serious fan boy. That said - I have a TinyMight on the way with bubblers, a custom glass J hook setup, etc - which I hear has even better flavor than the Tafee Bowle... but in the various threads I keep seeing DynaVaps pop up as having stellar flavor, and same with the MiniVAP (with teflon core). I initially was turned off by the Dynavap due to the butane torch, but I now realize these can be used with Induction heaters, which looks like a neat option.

So - here's my question - based on taste/flavor alone, are either (or both) of these devices worth exploring in my quest to chase flavors? Will either (or both) offer anything meaningful or unique from a taste perspective above/beyond what I currently own (or have on the way)? I'm not interested in trying every vaporizer for the sake of science - as I'm already amassing a graveyard of vapes i've only used a few times and will not use much, if ever again - but naturally if I'm missing out on something material on the flavor department, i'm going to have a serious case of FOMO - and I want to rectify that.

I generally vape premium flower (IE: 710 labs, LitHouse Alien Labs, etc) so with the exorbitant cost of the material I'm using - the cost of adding another vaporizer or two isn't a big deal.... but if they can't provide a notable improvement in flavor, it'll be a waste of $ and they'll immediately get shelved - so i'd only be interested in exploring more/different pieces of equipment if there were some compelling benefits.

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