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Products that make you go...........hmmmmm...


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PBR Just Launched a Line of Higher-THC Cannabis Drinks

In late 2020, the PBR name debuted on a new cannabis drink from Pabst Labs. Pabst Blue Ribbon High Seltzer was born (and was only available in California to the chagrin of many).
The cannabis-infused non-alcoholic seltzer contained 5mg of THC, and it came in just one flavor, lemon. Now, Pabst Labs is expanding the line with 10mg cannabis drinks and three new flavors. It's the antidote to feeling burnt out by the deluge of hard seltzers that have flooded shelves already this year.


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Hmmm, interesting set of doctor's equipment.
Is this for kids who want to be doctors when they grow up...in Texas?



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Maybe not something I'd enjoy playing with myself... buuuut as a spectator...🤔:
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What the hell is a "Meat Pie"?

Is that like a Chicken Pot Pie?
I forgot this is an Australian delicacy. 'Meat' from some mysterious animal (likely abattoir floor sweepings from all the real cuts) cooked down to a brown sludge and covered in pastry. Bottom is also pastry, not just the top like a pot pie.
Trust me better than it sounds, but best not to dwell on what's inside. Can be held in one hand and eaten while watching the footy, more or less mandatory here.
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