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Seller: @fondoobious
Item: Awesome Oil Pen Kit
Shipping: Free & FAST!
Rating: 100% +❤👌😎👍✌

@fondoobious Amazing fellow, included no cost treat.
I really needed this for tennis court
Wish other companies would operate at this level of service
Thank you! @fondoobious

The Stray Fox

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Seller: @oddjobold
Item: Andy Capp Finster Xl Stem, xl condenser, Ti Tip, 2019 cap, DynaCoil, and o rings
Shipping: Free
Rating: A++ 10/10

@oddjobold was pleasure to buy from. The item was shipped fast, tracking was provided, and the item arrived safe and well packed. I had a problem with USPS and a delivery hiccup and @oddjobold was quick to help and communicate.
The Stray Fox,
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ABV psychonaut
Seller: madhockeydad
Description of item: Underdog kit
Cost of item: about 100
Shipping time: Very quickly
Rating out of 5: 5
Comments: Amazing new condition as described. Very well packaged. Thank you sir.

im not a robot

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seller: @Easywider
Description of item: fw7 & wpa. description of condition was accurate with a fresh set of pictures.
Cost of item: $220 + shipping
Rating out of 5: 5
Comments: was really helpful in figuring out the various hazards of transatlantic vaporizer travels, very friendly, also i got a birthday card! a genuinely pleasant transaction, thanks again!
im not a robot,


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Seller: @cliffhanger1
Product: Storm Vaporiser Pen + extra parts.
Cost: €86 Inc tracked shipping.
Rating 5 /5. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I Recommend this seller. Very easy to deal with. Plenty of communication.
Thank you. 👍🇮🇪


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Buyer: Sedohre
Description of item: Storm Vaporizer + extra parts
Cost of item: €86 Inc tracked shipping.
Payment time: Very very fast - directly transfer
Rating out of 5: 5
Comments: Good communication - Nice and trusted buyer! thx :wave:


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Seller: Vape_Or_Die420
Description of item: Dynavap Rosium Ti Tip
Cost of item: $50
Payment time: -
Shipping time: right away
Rating out of 5: 5
Comments: easy, flawless transaction!

Jason Mendoza

Tim Tebow home in J-town, baby!
Seller/Buyer: seller vape_or_die420
Description of item: potv1 mini bubbler
Cost of item: don't remember
Payment time: seller was super quick
Shipping time: seller shipped same day
Rating out of 5: seller is 5*
Comments: quick communication. I didn't leave feedback bc I didn't know where to do so u til the seller asked me recently bc of some hijacked acct and scam recently. Seller wants to assure other buyers that vape_or_die420 is a good seller.
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