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How do I post a picture in a thread. Cant seem to figure it out.


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There is already a thread for these type of questions, so have a look through as it is explained several times:

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Ive similar problem ,cant get a custom avatar pic ,keeps saying ran into problems,browser,
tried logging in with different ones,
managed to get one up when I joined a while ago but since deleting it cant figure it out ,
tried putting some pet pics up on pet thread but can’t figure thar either ,
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How do I post a picture in a thread. Cant seem to figure it out.

Well in the meantime if this helps anyone, I still find it very simple to do, although it is an extra step going to another website first:

So go to www.imgbb.com on your phone browser, upload photo, select full bb code from the drop-down, select to copy the text in the img brackets like I have above (except include that closing bracket lol) then paste here, post and your photo will show :tup:

And for an album of photos just go to imgur .com (desktop view browser version) to upload, then just copy url fully from browser and paste here, can also do imgbb that way
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