Parchment size options and brand?


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Hi, getting into pressing and searching for parchment paper.
How is Rosin Tech parchment, I'd assume great but have no idea. To me, parchment seems better than PTFE??

Virginal pressing will be done on small plates , 1.5" x 3.0" so need to find small virgins :shrug:

Plates were billed as doing one gram max , but I'll likely do only 0.5 gram max.

Rosin tech makes pre-folded 6 x 8 and also 8 x 10. . Can I buy 8 x 10 (same price for either) and
cut in half to get two 5 x 4 pieces?? Wouldn't this work for o.5 gram loads or even 1 gram??


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I see there are oil slick pads which they say can be used in place of parchment for "production and collection".
And they are reuseable?

Can you press the bud with them (small 1.5 x 3.0 plates) instead of using parchment--is that what they truly mean by production?

Pros and cons?
Would you fold in half like parchment OR use a top and bottom sheet?

Putting together order and need to know if oil slick pads are a good idea or not?



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Bubbleman uses them with his hair straightener.

Don't think it caught on beyond that. Suspect it may act as insulation.

With plates that size you could probably get away with the 4x4" swatches of PTFE or parch that are cut for packaging.


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Bubbleman uses the oil "pads" when pressing hash, which is a much much easier and lower temp/time press.

Like mig says, just get some strong normal, bleached or not, it's irrelevant. And learn bottle tech. This folding method produces the smallest footprint and therefore the least interaction with the parchment. Honestly, I've been tempted to press without paper lately and just keep the plates clean and use a spatula to collect.

Or just get some good PTFE and press multiple times on it.
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