Old Head Dab-Ready and Terp Hammer


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I like the look of this
Looks like a Freight Train body with a handle that slips into a coil in the stand (upside down) to heat up, to me, so yes I'd say it has balls in
The concept has been discussed a couple of times here on FC in the last year or so in Invertedisdead and Dan Morrison's threads
Really excited to see this come to fruition and see how long the head is good for and the reheat times once you take it off the heater


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How does one get on “the list”? I don’t frequent Instagram or Facebook so I need a few guideposts… Edit: All good! #25 in line! As I’m primarily a flower consumer, what will the Runaway Train accessory be priced at, assuming it isn’t in the preorder package? Will it be available at the time of launch of sales of the Dab Ready?
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