Mocking the nu Abnorml
@GinoLicious haha he felt that hip check for days..

Yesterday went to demo a DV M18 with a water rig at my coworkers place with the idea of giving it to him, sure enough he went to go fill it up with water in the sink and subsequently dropped my DHgate piece on the floor of death. :disgust:


Mocking the nu Abnorml
Yea prayers out to the fallen and injured, they say ammonium nitrate, who knows?? Tactical nuke? Lots of questions..


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President of Princeton writes what seems to be a kumbaya-type letter and publishes it on their website.

It's like one of those self-confession letters they want to make you write in some corporate BS diversity program:

We must ask how Princeton can address systemic racism in the world, and we must also ask how to address it within our own community. That is true even though, for at least the past fifty years, this University has committed itself to becoming more inclusive. At a University that, for most of its history, intentionally and systematically excluded people of color, women, Jews, and other minorities, Princetonians— from the oldest alumni to the newest undergraduates — now take pride in the diversity of our community. They thrill to the achievements of all our students, faculty, and alumni, and they want Princeton to be a fully inclusive community.

Racism and the damage it does to people of color nevertheless persist at Princeton as in our society, sometimes by conscious intention but more often through unexamined assumptions and stereotypes, ignorance or insensitivity, and the systemic legacy of past decisions and policies. Race-based inequities in America’s health care, policing, education, and employment systems affect profoundly the lives of our staff, students, and faculty of color.

Now for the OH THAT SUCKS moment. Consider said President getting a letter from the Department of Education a few days after. Opens that sucker up and reads the following:

In a news article:

That is a no screwing around letter from the government that came out of the blue and is going to be a serious problem for the college no matter the publicity outcome over the political ramifications. I liked best how it ended pretty much that the Department was turning over the letter to the DOJ civil rights division for "any additional action they deem appropriate." and then, on the next line, "Thank you in advance for your cooperation." Truly wicked. No way has the guy de-puckerd yet. He can go to PRISON for lying about something to fraudulently obtain millions from the government if his letter wasn't total BS. Difficult spot to be in.
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Not trying to make light of anything but the title of the thread immediately reminded me of a song. "Oh, that's good," "No, that's bad!"

Here's a cover of the Sam the Sham version of the song:

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