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Nice @Fullmeltsandbox88! I’ve got some GMO Cookies that’s been curing for about 50 days. She hits hard for sure, this batch is 27.8% THC but it’s a nice hybrid effect and can still be used during daytime, in moderation! :lol:

The tase is wild and unlike your standard Cookies strain. The closest I’ve seen is Garlic Kush. I saw on a Leafly review that the GMO is supposed to stand for garlic, mushrooms, and onions. I’m not sure if that’s true but it accurately describes the taste in my opinion. It’s probably an acquired taste, I love it! :drool:


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I just picked up a zip of Cherry Pie 🥧 😋. With the lineage, I new I couldn't go wrong. I like anything with Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison is my favorite Sativa 💜 👌.
I still have some Purple Punch and Peach Fuzz as well. I will be getting a zip of Platinum OG and a zip of Mimosa next week. Also waiting on a zip from a friend 🤔. I love surprises!!!

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What dispensary?

Is that Aurora Illinois?

I'm a Canadian medical patient and I order directly from the grower and they deliver Canada wide to patients as well as selling recreationally through government run provincial cannabis stores. Aurora is quite good for the price but if you ever find yourself in the great white north I highly recommend picking up broken coast for super quality


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I am still on my t-break. But what is waiting for me in my c-vault on the shelf next to me is:

Amnesia Mac Ganja haze (amazing flavour)
Amnesia haze
White widow
Buddha haze
Gorilla Like hashish (did anyone hear of this?)

I never heard of "gorilla like" strain and cannot find any strain details anywere. but last week before my t-break i made some oil with 0.5 gram in there and that was pretty close to what Ted describes as "gorilla panic" strain. that was a bit more intense than i anticipated.

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Living in the North East, I'm like a squirrel this time of year. Well this weekend I finished up with getting all my meds to carry me through the winter.

5 grams - Platinum OG Kush
3 grams - Mimosa
7 grams Sour Pebbles
14 grams Cherry Pie 🍒 🥧
21 grams Blueberry Jack
35 grams Blue Cookies 🍪 💙
3 ounces Washing Machine
10 grams Key Lime Pie CBD
25 grams Grizzly Glue CBD
7 grams Sweet Wife CBD
2 grams White Tiger CBG

The Washing Machine strain was grown outside this summer and harvested in September. It's just average. Everything else is very good 👍
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