Music from the mid 60's to late 70's (when creative genius reigned..)


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@bulllee Dude! Jesus! From the forum rules on etiquette...
When possible, please avoid making back-to-back posts in a thread. Use the Edit feature located at the bottom of your posts.

We all love music and like to share, but just not all at once. :lol:

The exception is if it's been over 6 hours since your last post. At that point, the edit button expires so that people can't just go back editing really old posts willy nilly. If it's been over six hours since your last post in a thread, and no one else has replied since then, you are free to reply again without incurring punishment for back-to-back posting.
You got a problem dude.


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A little memory from Marc Bolan who passed on this date at 29 years young ... rest in peace Marc ...

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T Rex

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