Milaana 2 vs Glow RCV 18


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Hello all,
Please excuse another comparison questions, but I've struggled a bit finding any information comparing the Milaana 2 and the Glow RCV 18 V2.
I'm looking for an on demand unit that can achieve a deep roast/full extraction. I understand the nature of unregulated vs regulated devices and would be happy enough with either. I know the Glow will be more pocketable with lack of glass stems/heatercover, but for my usage, durability/ruggedness, isn't of utmost importance as it will be used mostly indoors or in the garden.

Main questions about the Milaana (specifically Milaana 2) are; Do they suffer hot spotting? Or is that something that can be worked out with technique? Battery life? Is it bad? I'll have a few 18650s on rotation but would rather not be changing out every couple of bowls (I understand this changes with how much you ride/feather the battery). I hear them being called the "electric sticky brick", how true is this? I love the Sbjr vapor signature, I'm just inconsistent with the flame.

Main questions about the Glow; Is it really much different to other 510 devices besides top craftsmanship? What I mean is, does it do anything differently than, say a splinter?( My frame of reference). How deep a roast can the glow achieve? I've seen some ABV shots which seem on the lighter side, but with lighting and different personal preferences, I can never trust them as truly representative. Can I get the abv coffee black? Do the Glass stems work as well as the wooden stems?

These are the main two devices I'm looking at, at the minute. But as many of you will have noticed, the tinymight and P80 seem to be all the rage right now. Would it be worth it to put my order in and wait for one of these? Or even the Vapwood Timber elite? The P80,TM, and timber would all have at least a month wait time and probably customs fees on top (UK based), but if they're a better bang for your buck, then I dont mind waiting for them.



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I dont got the glow so no comments there

I own all three milaanas, 1.5, 2, 3
1.5 can get really hot, hotspots/combustion in one area usually
2 can get hot but not as much as 1.5 or 3, i find the vapor most consistent of the 3, barely get hotspots
3 can get really hot, 1.5 and 3s heat are neck to neck, hotspots like 1.5

For these kind of vapes fully charged is always best, i put on charger after two sessions, i find the power to feel weaker as you use it, fully charged always gave me best results

Mi hits hard, not much between you and the herb, the taste is A+ as well if you do a low temp hit

Build quality & feel milaana 2 all the way (with 3 and then 1.5), good to own imo, unbreakable and bottom cover is easily taken off for repairs
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