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Mighty enthusiasts,

Check this out! I call it the Mighty500 Sheldon Black Edition. It's a 500ml round bottom flask, Apple On Top purge valve, Bud Bar Displays Bud Goblets, Jyarz containers W/ Delta 3D Studios Capsule Caddies, a beautiful Sheldon Black 29mm x 5.5" downstem, and a Lux hookah whip. I love the way the whips mouthpiece says "ITS ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY". It came with the Lux hookah hose.

I'm still deciding the material for an air path that will secure the flask to the base, and connect it to the Mighty. Grade 1 titanium would be best, but I'll probably start out with food grade PVC pipe. Plus, I have to drill, and tap a few holes yet.

There are two index card label holder on either side of the Storz & Bickel emblem which are going to be used to label the different strains. The orange side is going to be for THC, and the black side for CBD. In addition, I have two 18"x24" framed wall hangings that im going to place in the corner of a room, again to indicate which side is THC, and CBD. They will be illuminated by lights I purchased on Amazon.

In the future I plan to mill out locator positions for the Jyarz. It'll all be mounted on this basic cast iron lab stand base. The Mighty is positioned with a Clutch It magnetic pivotal arm.

I hope this inspires someone to be a connoisseur too. What Gen X'er didn't start out combusting joints, or bowls made of lamp stand hardware? Vaping is so much better. Onward to the future of canniculture!

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