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i'm retired and i like to stay medicated all day long. i have to go do some stuff later today and after staring at my vaporizer (i could tell that it missed me), i decided to just do a tiny dose. i typically start the day with .1 vaped out of a bag. today i went with .05 of girl scout cookies (LOVE this genetic). i'm surprised at what a nice buzz i got off of it. it's an hour later and i can still feel it.

i'm now curious about these smaller doses and will be experimenting. if .05 got me buzzed, will half of that do it for me? i'll find out tomorrow morning. :)

do you guys ever go for real small doses. like one hit off a joint instead of 1/2 the joint?

at $300 an oz, the less i use, the more money i have to piss away on chinese and mexican food.


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I have discovered that less is more with cannabis, most people overdose (not in a deadly way). This is how to manage your tolerance, jus start working it down and see what you can get away with. Instead of always trying to get super high.

I find its amazing how high you get from just one hit from a tiny amount. I find you still get almost as high, but just not for as long.

I also find that if I do many microdoses at low temps, I get a very visual high by the end of the night.


when i started toking/vaping all i did was micro (in terms of the typical hitter)...ive bumped up some but i still do small hits at a time and let it settle (10 mins) before continuing, on average. when i first started i made it my aim to produce no visible vapor after holding it for a 3-5 seconds and think i reached higher easier during that time. slippery slope.


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I have really started to appreciate herb and dabs more now because I've been unemployed for a little. Still, having said that I enjoy when I could get high. I tend to feel high but not overly medicated. You can really appreciate a half gram for a while if you only take one or two dabs for the whole day. Body feels excellent when coupled with good source of nutrition. I find eating healthier makes the medication more effective. I could see why putting junk in the system will only entice you to medicate much more than you'd imagine. I can take fat dabs believe me but I rather take smaller hits to enjoy the taste. Kinda like how BC Bubbleman was showing his friends in a video where he micro doses and just pure flavor is what he reviews over a tiny dab hit. He doesn't even have vapor coming out his mouth. That's what we should do. Appreciate the terpene profiles and the high resonates with distinction because you kinda feel more aware to familiarize yourself with the types of strains there are available. Anybody that has tried The Real Tangie, Orange Cookies/Julius, Sunny D Pheno, Agent Orange and more of the citrus latter will notice this. Back when I had a stable job I was dabbing more than usual. Seems like my body has a toleration after having lost the job but I am capable of producing more vivid realistic dreams just taking less in and allowing myself to sleep more regularly now since I don't medicate everyday as usual anymore. Still, I love my cannabis and concentrates though. Just appreciating the savings a lot more than ever now. Feels good to try to feel normal and medicate every other day or whenever I find it's necessary or time to myself (usually evenings.)


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Of late I'm getting more into micro-dosing when it comes down to each of my sessions, usually loading one stem with .08 or less but some days I do 15 or 20 of those stems and some days only 4-5.

(then there are nights with a brand new vape where I can sit and vape up a gram and a half pretty easily, like last night with my new HI and handful of roasting tubes) :tup:

I Do Know that for me the ol' adage that was tossed about a few years ago of "take a hit or two then wait 15 minutes to see where they take ya before vaping anymore" makes more sense to me nowadays then when I first started lurking these pages.



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i LOVE taking micro-rips (about .05-.08) out of my waterpipe with my vape and just chillin for awhile or getting some work done. I feel it's super crucial to sit back and listen to your body and the energy you are shooting for instead of piling on dab after dab until melting into unison with the couch. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and let almighty Jah Jah show you the way!


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good input folks!

yep, i'm liking these smaller doses. they certainly have their place. i was nice and buzzed, but not high, on that .05 and still felt it a bit well after 2 hours. then i ran around town for awhile and did it again when i got home. i had no idea that i would like a lighter buzz.

i use the - buzzed, high, really high, stoned and fucked up - scale!

it took me awhile and probably reading something here before i realized that vaping takes longer to hit you than smoking. i'd vape, 5 minutes later, i'd vape some more, then 25 minutes later i'd realize i was way higher than i wanted. these days, i always wait 15 minutes before i decide if i want to get higher. it's how i judge new genetics too. toke, set my alarm for 15 - 20 minutes and see how i feel.

i did .05 of blueberry muffin (really nice genetic) this morning but i'm watching resident evil so i added another .05 and i'm feeling fine. not quite on cloud nine just below it.

i still can't believe i can walk into a store and walk out with a bag of weed in my hand and not think twice about it. why yes officer, that is marijuana! wanna see??? :)
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i still can't believe i can walk into a store and walk out with a bag of weed in my hand and not think twice about it. why yes officer, that is marijuana! wanna see??? :)

Same country, same plant, but if I do that I get arrested. Lol...
Medicine to some, felony to others.
58% of Floridians voted yes..still not good enough.

All I want is to choose Indicas!
(Except for that early morning "coffee") ;)


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Micro-Dosing via vaporization is probably one of the healthiest things you could do for your Endo-Cannabinoid System.

Stimulation of the CB2 receptor sends signals throughout the body and orders harmful (Carcinogenic) cells to seek their own death.

It also boosts the immune system.

I can load my Solo Stems and take several small hits through the day...
Just enough to keep my eyes slanted and a shit-eating grin on my face.

(**Hmmmm, wonder where that phrase originates.."Shit eating Grin" ... I don't think I'd be grinning??)

Then before bed, all bets are off... I'm getting hammered...

But compared to combustion... Every dose is Micro!
I love Vapor!:love:
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There are people micro-dose for hallucinogens like LSD and Shrooms. They do it over the course of 30 day period and have shown a better input on their lifestyle. I wish I could experience this. I like to say I'm a researcher holding onto knowledge that could come useful when something goes wrong with my body, there will be more researchers out there to figure out my health, what I've done for it, and what I was capable of understanding. I hope all of you consider micro dosing as a form of appreciation and limit the time and money spent into overdoing it. You'd realize that there's other things that go in conjunction with medicating in this way. Exercising your cardio is the best way to regain your breath and overtime restores the natural function back to normal as much as your body can. It's what it's best at doing when you stop doing anything. Recooperating is almost instant and it proves that in cigerette smokers who quit will start to allow their bodies to recover as much as possible when given the time to restore all natural body functions coupled with a good and regularly scheduled diet.


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I find microdose is the best for me as well. Just 1 hit from a tiny puff of such a tiny amount is my fav high.

Is there any vaporiser that is excellent for microdose? I have the Purple Days Vape and Vrip Heat Want, they are not built for the microdoser. any recommendations?
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So you just pack the stem, take a hit and set it aside. Next dose (whenever that is) then take the herb out and stir it up and take another hit...repeat process?

The only thing I don't like about the P Days vape is that small amounts drop out easily

Yeah that's how I do it, the little underdog stems hold a little more then one of the PD/Zap stem but still less then .01 per load.
I just suck the ground herbs up into the bowl and kinda tamp it down with my index finger, I find very very little to no herb ever actually falls into the heater core.
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I find microdose is the best for me as well. Just 1 hit from a tiny puff of such a tiny amount is my fav high.

Is there any vaporiser that is excellent for microdose? I have the Purple Days Vape and Vrip Heat Want, they are not built for the microdoser. any recommendations?

As stated before the Nano is a good choice and MFLB is not bad either. Heck the LSV can hit small if you want to go to the trouble but it seems like a waste of capacity.


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To me, a mico-dose means either a PD on VVPS or PAMFLB. In my opinion a UD or HI will go through a small stash of herb a lot quicker than those two ever will. Still everything is relative.. compared to something like an SSV or hell even rolling a doob, pretty much every log made has to be the most efficient at getting a quality dosage from using the smallest amount.

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I prefer Mega Dosing :evil::rockon:

Well... I like mega dosing too. The problem with mega dosing is that you do it once and then that's your new baseline which sucks coz you'll start using way more herb.

I've started appreciating that less is more with ganja coz this herb effects are not that dose related. There is a pharmacological term that summarizes the concept. I can't remember the word right now. Basically you can get the same or very similar effects with high or low dosage.

@ShadowVape does the Vrip allow for micro dosage, I.e. 0.1 grams and lower? There was a point made by @nilo earlier and I'd like to know if u'r planning to launch any micro dosage tool soon

By the way, for reducing dosage is just a matter if taking a few days break and then starting for ex with 1/2 dose?
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I get emails from a few cannabis groups & one of them, Green Flower Media, sent me this article recently about medical micro dosing:


I'm usually a mega man myself, but after reading this thread & the Green Flower info - I'm intrigued & I think I'll try some micro dosing. It certainly can't hurt & I may discover that I like it.
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