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Maximum extraction?


I rocked a flatiron and thought I was getting (almost) all of the oil. Then I took three flattened buds and put them back in the flatiron and pressed again. I was amazed at how much more came out. It's time to get serious about this; I plan on doing this forever. I was shocked at how economical the presses at harbor freight were! Time to build a permanent system. Looking for some plates I ran into this graphic on NewVape and realized that its time to step it up. 20 tons? Yes please.

On a bud by bud basis maybe its not a big deal, but I think over time...its a pretty big difference.
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It's not quite as simple as adding more pressure to get higher yields but it's definitely worth looking into an upgrade over flat irons if you like it. I suggest checking out the main Rosin Thread for info and inspiration and if you need plates @Joel W. has some reasonably priced ones here that a lot of FC'ers have been happy with.
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Thanks Monsoon...yes maybe at some point its diminishing returns. 6 ton? 12 ton? 20 ton? When is enough enough?

Joel's plates look like they might last forever, but they're just a bit too small. I'm looking to build something that can potentially handle high volume, being used every day by our team without wearing them out. If I have a pound a day to press, Joel's system might take awhile. These six inchers are probably the minimum size I would need:


12 inchers would be ideal but it probably doesn't scale as easily as I would hope. I'd really like to have a huge surface area like the shirt presses, but many have said that its not the best for consistent pressure in all areas. I'll keep an eye out for a bit and see what else is unleashed on the world. Seems like there's something new almost every day here.
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