Magickwand Vaporizer with 18mm bowl Price drop to 110$

I have a roughly 1.5 year old Magickwand for sale or trade. It comes with the stock 18mm bowl and has no operating issues, works virtually like the day I got it. Pics will be taken for seriously interested parties.

Price Dropped to 110 plus shipping. Paypal only, I'll eat fees.

I'm interested to trade for vapes not listed in my signature, as well as musical instrument and equipment, and also laptops and computers, all kinds of glass, netbooks, all kinds of stuff. I love interesting trades so hit me up with an offer!

Closed-over 90 days old


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Its an odd request, but would you have any interest in taking offers on just the bowl?
Sorry, I wish I could accomodate that request but I think it would make the MW itself much harder to sell. If you have any trade ideas or want to try and work something out please email me.


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Headline says 18mm bowl, op says 14mm bowl. Are you including two bowls?
mob said:
Headline says 18mm bowl, op says 14mm bowl. Are you including two bowls?

My sincere apologies for that error, I've corrected it.

One 18mm bowl in excellent condition is included.


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Email inquiry sent

I also have an 18 in RooR straight tube for trade in mint/excellent condition if interested. NOT one of the fakes/counterfits. Never combusted in, only used with LSV.

Huh, no edit button on my original post. I just wanted to add a photo and will do so here.

Silver420Surfer, email reply sent.



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Charlie...if you got it still I'll take it. Mine bit the dust a few weeks back and I NEED a replacement.
Thanks for the interest, Finchrock. I'm currently talking to a member about a trade that I would like very much to happen, but if that falls through you'll be the first to know.
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