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Because the Lux/Evoke rollout went so smoothly...

With the highest-quality components and design, Legend combines form and function to provide the world’s fastest, easiest, most elegant dabbing experience. Unleash the taste and potency of plant extracts like never before. Fast, easy, safe.
2-Year Warranty · Free Delivery

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I think it's ready and not a prototype anymore. I was in contact with LotoLabs about the Lux's mod I use with some success AND about this Legend Induction Rig. I'm expecting to be able to review it here soon... maybe.

My contact told me they are aware of the Lux's issues and decided the Legend move learning the lessons of the Lux "fail" .

Can I add they told me a lot of IG supporters never replied to the adress confirmation email, so, if you supported the IG campaign and never got the Lux you can try to contact them....

I'm not affiliated or payed by Lotolabs, I supported their IG campaign and received the 2 Lux I payed for. They offered me to post about my mod in their blog, I will be not payed, I'm trying to know if I can find somewhere the right parts on the net to make my mod easily repeatable.

ModNote: Sorry but I just realized half of my post might to be posted in the Lux's thread!


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1. This is not a portable unit as it relies on a power supply without the ability to move. :( I petition this be moved to the desktop section, which the unit cannot do;
2. This unit's price, with lack of portability in mind, is kind of egregious. There is no battery or anything. It should probably be priced more similar to the Switch, perhaps even a bit lower given the lack of a battery probably drops the price considerably;
3. This unit actually looks cool. I really like the faux leather and bong styling. It is very sleek and I would totally keep it assembled on a shelf for viewing purposes;
4. The use videos actually looked like it offered decent performance for what it is and I would like to try it very much, but cannot justify paying for it to act in addition to my collection of pens and my Liger/FP equipped enail.

So, all in, I would love to try this unit, but cannot justify paying the present $500USD price for this. The performance looks spot on and again, would love to try it, but the pricing is somewhat out of bounds. If Loto Labs wanted to get in touch with me and offer a discounted unit or something, I would be more than happy to offer an unbiased review ;)
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It's not portable and still $500.
My bad. I assumed it must be based on the price.

It does look handsome.


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I saw this on YouTube (found this forum looking for reviews.) There's only a few videos of people using it but it seems to hit well. The videos have discount codes for $150 off which makes it a little more affordable but even $350 is a little steep for me right now. Anyone try it or know anyone who tried it yet?
If loto labs is willing to trade me their failed loto luxs device for one of these, I may give a try. However, at this point, I'm so exhausted in dealing with them for the last 4 years, my patience has ran dry. Neeraj and his team can kiss my ass and he can shove this legend up his own.
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The Legend reached my home. After some initial user mistakes I was able to get some low temp dabs, I have to work on higher t° now.
The unit itself is a nice looking tool imho. It's not easy to set temp since there is 2 main colors from blue (colder) to red (hotter) with some different sort of purple in between.

Not my review but initial impressions are not so bad even if I'm stoked to see you are dabbing directly from the hot stainless steel "susceptor" I found the taste to be pretty good at low temp (although I can't speak myself as a "connoisseur" for dabbing cause I use a cheap enail with a cheap quartz nail), as good as my enail at 490-510°F. Retail price seems overestimated for me but this is the case about a lot of dabbing tools imo.

After unboxing you have to complete the glass airpath inside the unit to prevent breaks while shipping. Everything was sparkly clean except the 2 small silicone jars covered by dust.

More to come with pics!

ps: Is somebody know if Titane might be induction heated?

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@PPN So for 500 you get to dab off stainless steel ? Stainless steel is safe at vaping temps and above but it oxidizes with time and especially when in contact with acidic subtances. At least i hope they threw in a dozen or are avaiable for cheap as a replacement.. Personally i dont mind vaporizing off mesh pads ,taste is not bad but all glass/quartz is much better IMO and for variety of other reasons.
Have you tried cleaning yours yet ? Is there a self cleaning mode ?


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User manual doesn't mention a self cleaning mode although it can heat until the "susceptor" glows, under normal use it doesn't glow at all (power on, dab,inhale, power off and clear).

I can carb cap with my hand with success.

I agree dabbing from stainless steel doesn't seems good for a so expensive unit. They mention a incomiing App and a bluetooth connectivity (I don't understand the purpose since there is basically no heating time/delay), maybe the App will offer some features cause, for now, it's very basic.

More to come...


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Maybe the app will have a carb cap function.:shrug:

It's a shame it doesn't comes with a carb cap but I will find one which fits cause it's needed in order to get thick low temp hits.

I understand and agree with all the angry and disappointments around the Loto Lux fail. I'll try to don't forget that and the high pricepoint while testing the Legend!

Although I just took a few dabs and, so nice, they was pretty tasty and got some bigger clouds. Remenber I'm not a dabbing "connoisseur" and only used Ti and Quartz with my G9 enail but I'm thinking it taste better than my Ti setup and can compare to my quartz setup... others might disagree though..

It's annoying the target is very small since you have to put the dab directly in the tiny susceptor, it happened a few times my dabber (the one included is ceramic so it doesn't heat when you insert it in the induction heated area) sticks on the glass wall before to reach the target... and got some tiny leaks since the concentrates who sticks here will drip along the wall of the susceptor holder and can reach the holes until the vaporpath(although this is not a big deal to clean since all the airpath/vaporpath is glass and cleanable (except the susceptor which is stainless steel).
Another flaw, it's supposed to blink while heating and to be solid while ready although I noticed you have to dab directly without to wait for the solid light. There is no automatic shut-off and with time the susceptor can glow red (it seems there is an over heat stop feature but I never experienced it. Last is the first time you power the unit on it doesn't heat at all... so ytou have to power it off/on again and everything is running well.

The top water tool and removeable from a build in unit (but removeable I think) 18mm male glass joint is basically a bit more sophisticated mini hydratube (around 20cm height) connected to the induction "bowl" by a U shaped glass tube using silicon gromets to stay in place (silicon is outside the vaporpath. It's nice cause you can use your own hydratubes or a dry mouthpiece or even a whip.

More to come...

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@PPN Yes titanium can be heated by condution. This is how dr dabber operates if i am not wrong ,it has quartz or ceramic cups sitting inside a titanium one ,which is heated by conduction.
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Still waiting for a more complete testing before to post my final review but, so far, I'm pleased with this e-rig even if I would see some improvements for the asked price: larger susceptor for a bigger target, selective button for t° settings (the actual one is a sort of potentiometer) OR use very differents color for each setting (I'm color blind and have difficulties to see the colors differences), smaller device (it's pretty big and it might be half smaller) for easy handling and a carb cap.

You can get some very cloudy hits, still tasty and surprisingly smooth. I never finish my dab in one hit and take 2 or 3, first is usually less cloudy but taste the best, 2nd hit is a perfect compromise between taste and clouds and the last one is huge but doesn't taste very good. I power the unit off/on between each hits. There is no leftover (reclaim) in the susceptor after the third hit except some black on the q-tip, if you are a pure taste dabber you can stop after the 2nd hit.

I understand there is no more faith for Lotolabs although I appreciate both the Legend (I got it for free) and my 2 Lux (I payed for them) even if they are far to be perfect...


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Sorry for the review, will come soon but I was so busy I had to delayed mot reviews I had to write...

Although it's sunday morning and I just plugged the Legend and pull out my stash, I'm ready for a good session!

nb: finally the session wasn't great, taste was bad today, I suppose cause some cleaning required... so everything is actually soaking in iso. I remenber my previous session was a higher temp test session and I didn't cleaned it very well. The device is difficult to adjust the temp, I can't see any colors difference except blue (power on but no heat) and purple . When on purple the more I turn the button the higher is the temp but there is no indication and it's a no end rotary button (when you unplug the unit set on purple and replug it later it start on blue even if you didn't touched the button... idk if you understand me...)


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Since I was tired of the stainless steel bowl taste and size (it's so tiny it might be difficult to place your dab in) I was thinking to use a quartz bowl/nail.

Here what I did, I took the quartz bowl from my V1 Quartz Quest (Divine Tribe) and stucked in the 2 holes for the ceramic heaters some cutted susceptors from the Lux and wrapped the nail in stainless steel sheet before to insert it in the glass channel placed in the induction heater... sadly it doesn't seems to heat the nail even using the Legend at max temp...
So, my friend @Pipes , do you have some recommandation, since you built yourself a Vapcap induction heater maybe you can enlight me about my issues. Maybe the wrapped in SS nail have to be placed in the bottom of the heater induction (actually it sits at mid term)? Maybe more metal mass? Maybe the induction heat only a specific area in the center of the column?

I understand a Quartz nail will take more time to heat, since the heat have to transfer from stainless steel to the nail . But since the og nail is full ss and so small it heat very fast and another glass part keep it centered in the induction column area.

Another idea is to use a old style quartz nail for torch, since it's smaller it might be easily heated and centered, I was thinking to wrap it in ss sheet or maybe ss wire.

Any idea will be greatly appreciated!


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There is new firmware with sense temp and JM glass co on IG is making a quartz adapter that should be released in the next week. Hopefully these accessories will improve this very troubled device.
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