Looking for least smelly vape under $200 for at-home use in complex with no-marijuana policy


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Yeah I guess I'd be willing to sacrifice on convenience so I can get that pure flavor. And regarding the DynaVap, I watched some YouTube vids and the post-vape plant matter looked way too dark for my taste - almost similar looking to combustion. And I wouldn't use a torch. Yeah it seems like maybe not the pick based on what I've been watching.

I'll shoot Alan another email and see what he has. I feel like the log set the bar really high for me and now it's hard to step down to anything else lol.
that's because there is technique and a learning curve. you are using a torch or induction heater and timing so you can definitely combust but I haven't combusted in mine since the first week I had it
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You might to to purchase a smell proof case or sleeve to go with it.
My crafty+ and dynavap are both pretty non smelly.
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