Looking for ideas on ways to store the hot coil and banger while not in use


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I am new to dabbing and the enail. I have an auber rdk-300b with a 710 coils 25mm axial for it. I have been asking around and it looks like most people leave the enail on all day so that when they want to have a dab it is ready instead of turning it on and off 8-12 times a day. I am looking for ideas on how best to store the hot coil and banger while I am not dabbing with it.

I have it set up at my chair but I sometimes move a few feet away to play video games and I would like some ideas of how to keep it when not using it. The easiest would be to leave it on the rig but I have read that leaving a hot coil and banger on a rig all day can damage the rig. I was thinking of maybe getting a little piece of wood and drilling a hole in it for the banger to sit down in when not in use. What do you do with your hot coil and banger when not using it?


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Leave it on the rig. I do turn mine off if I'm not going to use it for awhile 1 hour or more.


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I'm new to that game too! I was also afraid about this and it's one reason I ordered a cheap drop down adapter but I think it only heats your glass with the other enail in the joint type set up.
There is none of this with the banger style set up.
Maybe you could put a lick of lip balm or similar on the joint's ground parts to prevent sticking which may occur regardless of heat.
The drop down does help to move the set up away from your face if your rig is very small.

I also wanted to add to your other thread that I would leave it on for the half hour breaks and switch off for the 2 hour breaks, and that there is an adjustable auto off timer built in to the controller. Mine is set to 60mins which I think is the default and sometimes I switch it off, sometimes I reset it by switching off/on, and occasionally I hear it click off itself when I've zoned out! Works good for me.
There are instructions on how to set the controller to support a 150 watt coil on the 710 coils FAQ page and it describes the access to the auto off timer menu there too.

I'm not certain but I don't think we need to worry about total number of heating cycles from cold with the glass or metal coil parts, like you would with a less stable material such as rubber or plastic.
And as long as your coil is not gripping the glass too tight from the start, it should last years of on/off cycles in my humble opinion!
Enjoy your huge heated surface area and precise control!:tup:


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I leave mine on my rig with it turned on all day never had a issue with damage to the joint or my banger getting stuck
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