Looking for an affordable vapor bubbler? This one is worked!


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Found this little gem on High Priority Glass.
What's special about it, is its price despite the nice worked section on the mouthpiece. Part of this is because it comes with no bowl or globe, so its perfect for a vapor piece on a budget.

Of all the high-end mouthstyles, this is my favorite style that I've tried. Very ergonomic to inhale from.
4-hole downstem is definitely great for vapor (and dabs)

The only review posted says "It's chug reminds me of a purr from a large cat"

Blue and Yellow Bub
Orange and Blue bub


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Seems like a pretty nice deal, and supporting an emerging local american artist is always a good thing.

the base is a little thin but it def seems like a pretty good value.(though it would lose a lot of value with a broken base:rolleyes:)

I can think of other pieces but they will still cost more then that.


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Gonzo, how do you get the discount?? It looks quite nice, and cheap too!
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