Lookah Q7 Portable


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The Lookah Glass Instagram account seems how you order. Contacted Lookah via Instagram and he/she shared you can order directly through Insta.

Here is the link:

Lookah also shared that inside it is a quartz bucket so oil doesn’t touch coil/metal directly.

I agree it looks like a interesting travel set up.


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I bought one.

Positives: nice flavour, easy to use, precise control and both target and actual display temp., compact and light enough for any rig.

Negatives: bowl hard to clean fully when really dirty, bowl not easily removeable, bowl seems to be a cut and bonded construction not single piece, and pretty much a no no on a hot enail IMO: plastic airways in the vapour path.

The coil is pretty cool, a mesh ring that sits inside the quartz bowl. Vapour is actually really nice. At first glance it looks like an all metal vapour path but when you strip it down you realise the downtube from the chamber to the 14mm stem is plastic. That's a shame as otherwise a capable unit that could be great with a few additional quality touches. Heat up time is very impressive. I took a few pics of the limited strip down I did and I might post up if I can be arsed!


Since the last thread on this article Lookah has set up a website selling products direct to customers. thank you.
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