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Here's a completely new form factor for a vape, from Colorado, the Lift. Looks like its been in development for a bit, but are about to release in Q2 2015 according to the site. Considering the number of missed release dates this industry is known for, I won't hold my breath, but I do find the heating chamber to be a slight evolution. It appears spread out, and although it definitely looks awkward in design, I kinda dig the push towards exposing more herbs to the heat at once.


Very odd smartphone-esque looking design, but it looks pretty well developed. The flip up MP is a nice touch...or hopefully it will be.



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I will be very curious how the mouthpiece and bowl design works out. It looks like the vapor path could potentially be tough to clean? Although the site says its easy. Also wish it had more than 3 temps (and will be curious to know what those temps are set at), but at least its not priced really steeply like most new original designed units, the msrp looks to be $169


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Design is very different, but piques your interest. I'm guessing this is conduction based heating? Couldn't tell by the site. This and the Alfa seem similar imo


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looks like the vapor path is mostly the mouth piece which it says is detachable so I would assume that is why it is easy to clean according to them... Website is pretty lackluster information wise but looks nice

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This is interesting:
"CoolFlow Air System
LIFT™ drives air across the product rather than through it to create an unprecedented vapor quality experience"

Seems to imply this may have some weird type of convection? Or a proper form of conduction that doesn't cool during a hit as much?

It also says the bowl is all glass and ceramic, and that theres some kind of soft led when opened? I think I'm with @KeroZen on being skeptical of plastics/silicones in the vapor path based on this design though

But if not its like premium conduction firefly? Battery life better be great though with all that space behind the oven... Hopefully doesn't get too warm in hand either, but I can see this being a nice form factor
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@Slow Draw McGraw: while I think I like the design and the novelty, 3 temp settings is just not enough for me. I prefer to have more control.

For the silicone I don't know if it's the placebo effect, but hm.. These days I was using the FM5-Pro daily because I find its low temps taste to be very good, and I kinda put my Ascent aside for a while. This morning I wanted to use it (Ascent) but it needed a good cleaning. This is when I noticed that the silicone surrounding the bowl appears to not be aging very well. It's getting discolored and while cleaning it a little chunk started to separate...

So yeah, placebo effect or not, now I'm using it and I find it tastes siliconey! :x

I must admit I have also been spoiled by the Zion lately, the thing has really a great taste and is free of all these modern materials and shit. I have the same feeling when I use my Firewood too.

Falling back on my feet: it's partly for these reasons (and also because the part on the bowl lid on the picture above that mates and covers the bowl could be that very same silicone) that I made the remark in my previous post.


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Has this one gone belly-up too? Their web site was working fine yesterday morning, now it just has an email link for "more info"...

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I wan't to know more about this one, But i too got that same link yesterday when i looked.

I like how it looks like a power bank, But if its conduction and it looks like it is, it's gonna have to do something special about the unwanted material wasting to keep me interested, Does it have user replaceable batteries?
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