Legalization in Canada


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Yesterday Justin MiniPET Trudeau was interviewed by Guy A. Lepage during his Sunday evening show on national French-speaking TV:

The segment on "marijuana" begins at 12:14. Justin was quick to argue that this is no dietary supplement, that it's not good and especially to teenager brains for which he insisted it's really not good; though lets also mention this part came after his apparent agreement that it's not more harmful than alcohol or tobacco...


Additionally, the Liberal leader explained somewhat later that he wants a safer society (for children) which still respects an adult's option to make bad choices if that's their will. Then starting at 13:21 came a declaration after he confirmed that the present system fails to protect our children and sends millions if not billions of dollars to organized crime:

Lepage --> "Donc vous voulez nationaliser?"
Trudeau --> "Non, on veut réguler et contrôler pour que les gens doivent montrer les cartes d'identité..."
E.G. when asked if he wants to nationalize he replied "No" and added that his party would control and regulate so the consumers need to show identity cards - oh and Justin MiniPET Trudeau believes Canadians should look at what's taking place in states of USA while he didn't even see an opportunity to inform the viewers directly about what he actually meant himself...


In April Harper's monopoly approach will transfer control to private companies while Health Canada implements regulation (a Prohibition v2.0 project if you ask me)! My impression is that their Liberal friends ain't radically different except with them almost any citizen requiring a cannabic card should be able to obtain it i guess, provided the applicant is no gun owner - or simply a parent, for example... Etc.

Briefly put, MiniPET's UN-style ("protect our children") intro didn't make him sound a bit like an alternative i should trust better; as a matter of fact his late "Hope and Hard Work" slogan just caused me to wonder who's supposed to be hopeful vs who's got to do the work (since he didn't look ready).



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ALL politicians are fucking assholes ! PERIOD! And their true inadequacies 'always' shine once they're in a position to wear the term crown (some much sooner).

We The People have zero control beyond our ballet , and we think we'll be granted 'change' come the 'next' election, but it just turns into yet another placement of a different shithead for the term. We don't run this country, even if it's OUR tax money that does, and we never are afforded a true vote towards implemented policy or decisions that are made by those in current power at the time.

Ever sit through a session of parliament ? :puke: It's like watching a bunch of children in the playground arguing (well, like children of yesteryear before todays pussy anti bullying protocols). Personally I find it embarrassing at the level of immaturity displayed by supposed professional adults.

There is no compassion being considered with the old or new regulations, and there NEVER will be ! The only reason it's (legislation in regards to mmj), made it this far is due to the mighty dollar (or potential of), and the age old factor of 'control the masses'.

I'm not living the pipe dream of legalization or even regulation of mj any longer... I'm here on this earth as an individual with choices to manage my OWN life and decisions by whatever means regardless of what big brother feels/thinks/does. I'm sad for those medically needing and incapable of fending for themselves without jumping through hoops being left outside and treated like dirt as far as natural medicines (all inclusive), but for my own personal mixed needs/wants of medical AND recreational for personal use I now take and accept the responsibility and risks to look out for number one. And if that means remaining a criminal in the eyes of others with the power to enslave me (what the hell, I've been one all my life in this regard)... so be it... and those opposed to my choices can... KISS MY LILLY WHITE ASS !! :rant:



Salutations Smokum,

...fucking assholes...

It felt premature for me to agree in February, but not anymore (!):

Most unfortunately Justin MiniPET Trudeau could only argue on late TV news last night that he's "a father of 3", etc... This truly is a cause for shame to any Cannadian, finding that his-father's-son continues to allow his opponents to entrench him into such a retrograde dialog while North-American nations already have got more than their fair share of alcoholic fathers with families twice the size (or more!) and yet alcohol today is effectively sold in local stores, besides cigarettes indeed.

So, where is Justin MiniPET Trudeau when it's about time to discuss the real issues???



Salutations everybody,


« ... He will be deeply missed... ... Visitation will be held at Bishop’s Funeral Home 540 Woodstock Road, Fredericton on Thursday October 9, 2014 from 5-9 PM. A funeral service will be held on Friday October 10 at 11 AM from St. Anthony's Catholic Church with Father Monte Peters and Curtis Sappier officiating. At the request of the family, Interment to follow in the Ste. Anne’s Catholic Cemetery, Kingsclear First Nation.

At the request of the family Red Surge will only be worn by Corporal Ron Francis and no other member of the RCMP during the memorial service.

A reception will be held in his home community at the Kingsclear Training Center at 1 PM.

In Ron’s Memory donations may be made to the Canadian Mental Health Association(PTSD). »

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Telegraph-Journal: Family, friends say goodbye to RCMP Cpl. Ron Francis

October 10, 2014

Family and friends of 43-year-old RCMP Cpl. Ron Francis at his memorial service at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church on the city’s north side.

Photo: Ray Bourgeois / The Daily Gleaner

The life of RCMP Cpl. Ron Francis was celebrated Friday during a church service and reception that paid tribute to his many accomplishments as one of the first aboriginal RCMP officers in New Brunswick.

Francis, 43, died by suicide Monday at his home at Kingsclear.

New Brunswick Lt.-Gov. Graydon Nicholas and Roger Brown, assistant commissioner and the commanding officer of the RCMP in New Brunswick, paid their respects to the longtime police officer.

Respecting the wishes of the Francis family, RCMP officers and other police officials attending didn’t wear their dress red serge RCMP uniforms, but wore business attire.

Fredericton Police Force members provided traffic control and halted vehicles for the arrival of the hearse at the church. Fredericton Fire Department members also paid their respects to Francis.

Officers saluted the hearse as it slowly proceeded into the church parking lot. Nearby parking areas were packed with vehicles.

Francis’s coffin was draped in a Canadian flag and bells rang out as the coffin arrived.

Members of the media covering the funeral were kept away from mourners. They stood across the street from the church and weren’t permitted to attend the service.

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Salutations everybody,

Well, take a look at what i just found dear cannuck fellows!...

De l'Apothicaire au Spécialiste - A.P.E.S., 2011 (In-Line viewing)

Québec - Loi de pharmacie – Annexe A (1890 & 1909-1964)

Liste des drogues, poisons contenus à l’annexe A de la Loi de pharmacie
et dont la vente est exclusive aux pharmaciens de 1875 à 1964.

- Acide cyanidrique
- Acide carbolique
- Aconite et préparations
- Antimoine, tartrate d’
- Arsenic et ses composés
- Belladone et préparations
- Cantharides, poudre et teinture
- Chloral hydrate
- Chloroforme et éther
- Chlorodyne
- Cocaïne et préparations
- Ciguë et préparations
- Chloral de croton
- Cyanure de potassium et tous les cyanures métalliques
- Chanvre indien <-- CANNABIS!!
- Digitale et préparations
- Ergot et préparations <-- LSD
- Elatérium
- Euphorbium
- Fève du Calabar
- Fève de St.Ignace
- Huile essentielle d’amande
- Huile de croton
- Jusquiame et préparations
- Morphine, sels et solutions de morphine
- Noix vomique
- Opium et préparations, y compris le laudunum, mais non le parégorique
- Sublimé corrosif
- Sels mercuriels et composés
- Sabine et huile de sabine
- Strychnine et tous les poisons alcaloïdes et leurs sels
- Vératrine
- Vert-de-gris​

Once in a while we do hear about federal versus provincial jurisdiction fields as initially defined by the constitution of 1867 (l'Acte de l'Amérique du Nord britannique). Yet what i see here is no aspect of our history i ever heard of before - and i'll bet none of us here have neither... In any case the readers are invited to see for themselves by jumping to pages 22/23 of this document mentioned above, e.g. pages #40 and #41 (over 567) of a .PDF document (weighting 7581992 bytes), via some Adobe Reader software. More specifically i'm thinking of "Tableau 4".


Quite evidently this appears to indicate that cannabis was under provincial jurisdiction and then somehow it got transfered to the federal domain (!), which i still wonder what's the explanation as to how it happened exactly, though there are a few hints leading to event dates such as 1908, possibly 1911 & 1928, and also quite certainly 1923.

Anyway, it looks as if some influent individual(s) loyal to the British Empire (and/or the federal government) in priority may have, euh... forgotten (?!) to tell the people about this in the House of Commons!!


In other words, switching "Indian Hemp" from a provincial to federal responsability was performed without any debate(s), not even a mention or it would have been all over the internet decades ago... Right?



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Also this:

Health Minister Ambrose 'outraged' by SCC ruling on medical marijuana

This makes me smile because the ruling Conservative party has appointed eight of the nine Supreme Court justices. The Minister is outraged and declares marijuana isn't proven to be medicine because, well... because Health Canada hasn't said it is medicine. :doh:

The SCoC unanimously said, "Oh yes it is." :rofl:
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