Killing zvs boards


Most of the tuning can be done with the coil. Adding a turn will reduce the power draw.
Glad to hear you found a common denominator.

When you say it gets hot, under what conditions? I normally hold the bare unit in my hands. Typically, the start and end bends on the coil will get hot first. Doing a single bowl typically doesn't get hot enough to cause pain. The capacitor and the chokes shouldn't get hot unless you are doing a lot of back-to-back bowls. And yes, one capacitor is more than enough. The capacitor is what dumps the power into the coil - the chokes charge the capacitor. If you look inside Brute or HotShot, you will see that Pipes uses a pair of smaller chokes rather than center-tapping a choke. That is another option.


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I mean the heating of the vapcap, it’s still a bit to quick from cold to click at 12.6 to 12V.
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Oh okay; Phew... that is a better problem to have. The power levels you report are not indicative of heating too fast though. Try a 3S battery setup and see if you like that better. That would be 11.1V after the peak. Either that or some regulation of the input voltage.
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