K-Vape Micro-DX - Kandypens


Another established company has turned to Indiegogo for financing. Heating chamber seem decent sized, capacity good for two, and 430°F? That sounds good enough for a concentrate insert. No info on vapor path, materials, etc.

'80 temperature settings' though? Come on.


Shit Snacks

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Looks like another Airis Shiva version actually, those rebrands are everywhere now and look a lot like Titan2, but less boxy.

That's also what I'd expect from a company like KandyPens actually too, didn't they have an indiegogo for their 3in1 that combusted herb like other shitty pens only made for concentrates yet claim herbal?

If all that is so, then inidiegogo needs to shut this down asap...

Just look at those ridiculous claims, 6-8hr battery life? True convection? According to the paint the moon review none of that is truth
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