Completed ISpire Wand + Dynavap adapter - $80 PayPal G&S


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$80 OBO PayPal G&S shipped to continental US

I’ve got a basically brand new iSpire wand, plus the dynavap adapter. This has only been used a few times, less than 10 total.

Comes with everything pictured, including the original battery.

Originally purchased from Dynavap.

This just wasn’t for me - it worked fine, but I don’t need the extra gear, as I already am good at using a torch, and have a Terp pen and rio for concentrates. I bought this on a whim because I got it discounted (I think I paid $130 originally). Nothing wrong with it, it just wasn’t going to get use from me. Giving a fair price because I don’t really care to get my money back on this.

Note: I am not including the 1 concentrate cup that I used because I don’t want to risk sending anything with any residue on it. It will only come with 1 brand new, never used, cup.

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