Is ThcJd safe?


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As per the title, I would like to ask your opinion on the consumption of this substance. Is it safe to use synthetic cannabinoids?


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THC-JD is considered a disputed cannabinoid by the /r/altcannabinoids subreddit.

---Disputed cannabinoids---

There are some companies marketing products with claimed cannabinoids with the intent of being misleading and hoping the buyer will buy it because it has a bunch of things on the label or something seemingly unique and different and new to try, there aren't any labs to back the claims they are in there and typically labs would suggest the opposite such as accounting for 87% of other cannabinoids or sometimes seemingly not even sure of what they are marketing among other weirdness. Here is a list with a description on each of why they are on this section of the list.

THC-JD is a nickname made up by a single manufacture based in New York that they use for marketing what they claim to be is THC-Octyl. The same manufacture claimed to be making THCP awhile back but sent product that was so unusual several vendors (whom did not communicate with eachother prior to this) wanted to return the product and also called them out on the forum Future4200 (might have to scroll quite a bit) when they noticed them bagging on another vendor when they themselves are also deceiving people with fake or improperly synthesized THCP. In other emails to vendors this manufacture claimed to only be able to produce "crude THCP" with a purity of around 48% similar to the main study which found THCP in Cannabis and they synthesized it to confirm and got a similar yield almost like they were copying the claim. They claimed they would be moving on to other cannabinoids and claimed THC-JD to be THC-Octyl. Labs in regard have either found none or a very small amount such as when bulk material (to put into products) was tested found to contain only 17% THC-Octyl so if a product contains 5% THC-JD that would be 5% of a 17% bulk product which with the past events of either fake/cut or improperly synthesized product does not look very good.

As to your question, "is it safe to use synthetic cannabinoids?"

There is inheritenly risk to any grey market "research chemicals", including synthetic cannabinoids. There are two major categories of risk to consider. Source of the substance, and available research (user reports).

Whether there is a higher risk than black market is debatable. Theoretically, you can get a copy of the lab analysis, but who is to say that's legit or even the same sample as what you have acquired. Do you really know who synthesized it, what the conditions were, what the purity really is? It's mostly unregulated.

Today, you can go online and buy in bulk, pre-filled vape carts straight-off the boat, labeled with whatever altnoids and adorned with QR codes and 21+ warnings to legitimize the mystery oil. Delta-8 is like Delta-9 light, a bit harder on the lungs, you could find it anywhere for a while, including gas stations. Hopefully obvious, but gas station is selling boof juice with garbage you should put in your lungs, your local hemp farmer has the legit stuff.

Just because something has nice packaging, doesn't mean mean shit, and that goes for smoke shops as well (cash grab).

So if you're really hell-bent on trying out more noids, do your research on effects. Read through user reports (with a keen eye for shills), make sure you understand what you think you're about to put into your body. Find a clean source. Unless you're not able to use or acquire natural cannabis products, you'll probably be disappointed in most altnoids.
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As per the title, I would like to ask your opinion on the consumption of this substance. Is it safe to use synthetic cannabinoids?
Buyer beware. Who knows wtf these synthetic cannabinoids will do to you later . Here's a couple , THCP, THCB . I never heard of these two.,inflammatory properties, and mood elevation.
I'm waiting to see how long the loop hole in the hemp bill will last . THCP allegedly is 30 times stronger than THC ? I'm a full spectrum fan :D, I believe in whole plant medicine ;).
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