Is Spirit finally done suing Led Zeppelin?


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I see another court found Led Zep innocent of stealing the licks to "Stairway to Heaven". The group Spirit has been whining about this for years and I hope they are done. Ya know, I've listened to the chords of both "Stairway To Heaven" and Spirit's "Taurus" in comparison on numerous occasions. Are they similar? Yeah, they're similar, but we're talking about a few notes here. I know of rock songs in which the music is an obvious rip-off and the originators never complained. Now I don't deny that Led Zep may have gotten the idea from the "Taurus" song but every classic rock fan knows the words to "Stairway to Heaven" and 99% don't know that a song named "Taurus" existed.
Nice try though, I guess. If you can't make it in the business, get it where you can.


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I hadn't heard "Taurus" prior to recent days. I hear the few notes from "Stairway", and I also hear a little bit of "The Rain Song" too. Glad the recent ruling favored LZ.

This video covers the subject pretty well imo.

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The popularity of the song doesn't really have anything to do with it. I believe zep to be copycats that did take creative ideas from others. I used to really love the band, too. There's still a few songs I enjoy, but it has changed the way I listen to the music.
So basically, stairway to heaven is up in the air, but many of their musical thefts have been more straightforward and aren't disputed.


I didn't look long and hard for an article to support my claims, but here you go
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