Discontinued Incognito Vaporizer


Vitolo said:
Can anyone help with this?
Is there a way to purchase/acquire the screw on portion for my Incognitovape chamber.. Not the part that goes to the mouthpiece... but the smaller part that goes to the heater.

Here ya go Vito, HiPi gets his parts from vaporstore.com. Here is the standard https://www.vaporstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=DXtopBowl-TOWER&cat=80 and if you want bigger chamber, here is the party size https://www.vaporstore.com/proddetail.php?prod=PartyBowl&cat=80

I also need to purchase this piece but since I rarely use my Incognito, I have been holding off on buying it. Your video makes me want to use it again though, It really makes me remember how tasty those hits can be with such a wide surface area for the herb.
Well i have had my Incognito for about a full month now. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! Everyone that tries it just wants it so bad. Very very happy with the product. I hope that i can get another one when he gets the ceramic parts back in stock....

Has anyone had to send theres back yet?


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What ever happened to the devices, it seems like people are talking about it any more. Is there a reason why?


BUT.... you can get most parts at Vaporstore...
Here is mine;

I emailed him recently. I got an answer same day... perhaps because it was not service or sales related.
I asked what can I use to vape in the car....
his return email said "Use any inverter that is at least 60W"


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Why did he stop making this, and I think the vapor store still sells the whole kit. How would this compare to say something like the new Inhilator, or Pax?


those are portables....
The Incognito is plugged into a power source.
As for stealth aspects....
Pax and Inhalator are small ..thereby stealthy...
The Incogneto is stealthy by disguise!


A battery pack to make this portable would be large.
When the product first came out, there was a video of a gal using the unit outside in public. She was plugged into a huge backpack.
Vaporstore was selling these units, and did not mention that the unit was plug in only... but they do include a "Car Inverter" to make the unit portable ... at least for plugged in use in a car!
Incognito vape at Vaporstore


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Why did he stop making this, and I think the vapor store still sells the whole kit. How would this compare to say something like the new Inhilator, or Pax?
Although the page for this vape is still on their site, I don't think they're selling it now. Vaporstore said that Hipi owes them some $ for heating elements previously purchased, and his domain, Tayloreverything.com has been abandoned and is for sale.


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Update: for those of you that have non-functioning incognitos, or are in need of key missing parts to make it function, versa vapor is now up and running and is reportedly going to try their best to help.

They can be reached at versavapor@gmail.com
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