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I'm not sure, but they seem like "img posting error msg"


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That's when folks used an image hoster, that no longer supports use by FC. Imigur being the latest one there.

In some cases you can make pics 'reapper' by hitting the 'reply' button, as pics will then be displayed in the quoted text.


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I can make those show up when I right-click it, select to open picture in a new tab and then refresh it by entering on the address again.
(in google chrome)
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OK, I've made some progress on this. Here's an example of a thread with what I'm talking about: In the second post, @Andreaerdna posts an image, but I just get ''. I tried hitting Reply like @blokenoname suggested, and managed to get the image to appear in the reply box. If I open the Inspector on the [IMG] in the post, you see it is actually an image element! There is text there too (with a pseudoelement) but the image tag is there. However, the image has not loaded.

Imgur have blocked FC, as discussed in the link @Summer posted, and if you look at the Network tab in your Inspector you'll see a 403 response. More technical details here:

The technology that allows Imgur to do this is called the referer header: it tells a website where you came from. I use Firefox so I installed this and it now loads the images! Better to not use Imgu, but useful for the images that are on there.

As for migration, with DB access someone could write a script to find imgur links, download from imgur, reup somewhere else (why not set up S3 and offer image hosting while you're at it? :) ), and then replace the links
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