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It's long been a dilemma for online message boards. Image hosting sites die and forum threads end up with broken images. We've seen it happen numerous times here in the last 13 years.

Today we're finally enabling local image attachments so you can upload images directly to your posts. Please read on for some important details.

There will be a 2MB/image limit. Enough for most photos when using reasonable compression while helping keep download sizes manageable for those on slow connections/mobile data. We also want our image hosting to be sustainable long term and storage/bandwidth can add up especially with image heavy threads. The limit may be increased in the future.

IMPORTANT: Exif Data and Privacy Concerns

Modern cameras - smartphones especially - can by default, geotag the photos you take by adding the GPS location of where they were taken. This can be a serious privacy concern. The forum software does not currently support the removal of geolocation data from uploaded photos. There are some workarounds, however they are not perfect solutions. The safest way is for you to make sure your photos don't contain this data before you upload them anywhere on the internet.

Camera/phone settings can be configured to not add geolocation data in the first place. Photos that already have geolocation data can be stripped of it.

There are numerous articles which demonstrate how to do these things. I'm just going to link some google searches here so you can figure out what works for you.


As a precaution, image attachment functionality will be opt-in only for now.

If you understand all of the above and would like the feature enabled on your account please go to your account preferences, find the Image Attachments field and select Yes.


After you've saved the change it can take up to 20 minutes for the attachment functionality to be enabled for your account.
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This is how to attach images once you have the functionality enabled on your account.


Or attach multiple images:


Then insert the image(s) by clicking the Thumbnail or Full image buttons. If you attached multiple images you can insert them all at once or selectively throughout your post.

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So, I'm not sure what I've done wrong, but after signing up in preferences I don't seem to be getting any different behavior out of the image icon. Tried different themes and it didn't matter.



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I wanted to confirm that when we upload photos the geolocation isn’t stripped? It is something we have to do on our device prior to posting?

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@pakalolo said that he had set the photoupload to delete the exif date on NFC. @vtac Are you saying that those things are not reliable.
Abysmal Vapor,

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I changed my preferences yesterday but still can’t post pictures :(
Bad Dog,


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@pakalolo said that he had set the photoupload to delete the exif date on NFC. @vtac Are you saying that those things are not reliable.
That was accomplished using an add-on. There is a new version of the forum software coming that might include this ability, but the current version doesn't support it.


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I changed my preferences yesterday but still can’t post pictures :(
Looking at your account, you should be able to. Please PM me if it's still not working for you and we'll get it figured out.

@pakalolo said that he had set the photoupload to delete the exif date on NFC. @vtac Are you saying that those things are not reliable.
I have confidence in the developers of XenForo when it comes to the quality of code they produce. Less so for third-party add-ons in general since they can be created by essentially anyone. When XF is updated it can cause third-party add-ons to stop working. Since they aren't supported by the XF devs, it's up to the add-on authors to update their add-ons, which doesn't always happen. That can be problematic if the add-on is being relied upon, especially to handle something like this privacy issue.

Hopefully the feature will be added into XF itself where it will be coded well and maintained. Even then, I think it's important for members to know how they can take their privacy into their own hands and not rely on software which they have no control over.

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Gonna test this image uploading stuff.....

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.... say, that looks pretty good.
Gonna post and take a look at how it appears as a post.
Pardon me, kind of using this thread as a sandbox tonight to test out this uploading feature.
Apologies where appropriate.
Also testing alt text feature.
This is great, no more relying on 3rd party hosting ! My concern is that Imgur may also disappear, along with ANY of the other hosting sites, as we've seen happen already.
Awesome, guys, thanks for all the work @vtac , @pakalolo , and all the rest of the staff here at FC forum !
Great feature !!

EDIT: Just checked the post, looks great guys, thanks again !

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Finally, image hosting on FC!! :rockon::rockon::rockon:

BTW various image editing apps have the option to "export" or "save for web" and strip the EXIF data. Graphic Converter for Mac is one and can be used for free.
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