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Hey all. This quarantine has left me with too much time on my hands, so I started poking around with QWISO extracts this past week. I'm using iso because it's what I have all the supplies for already. Most of the techniques I've seen ask you to air-purge your iso in a wide pan for several days. I'm a little impatient, and have experiments with running a fondue pot outside to boil the iso off. It works OK, but
a) I lose my iso to the air, and it's not easy to find more as everyone panic-buys high proof alcohol
b) I've lost a lot of otherwise good concentrate to all the nooks and crannies of the boiling pot

I wonder if anyone has tried setting up a distillation apparatus in order to reclaim the iso and reuse it later. I was inspired by lab equipment like this

I'd boil off the infused iso from the left flask, and collect it for reuse on the right flask. Once the left flask boils dry, all the concentrate will be stuck to the edges, and impossible to remove from the rounded flask. To fix this, I would swish around a very small amount of the reclaimed iso in the dry flask, until it had collected all the concentrate from the glass sides. I would then leave this smaller amount of liquid out to air-purge, but in a much shorter amount of time. I plan to hook up an aquarium pump to the condensation tube, and run a closed loop of ice water from a bucket through the tubes. I've sourced out what I think might do the job, and equipment costs (including borosilicate lab glass) come out to ~$100.

Has anyone tried a setup like this before? Are there better ways to achieve what I'm looking for? I'd also be open to any other extract teks that are more cost-effective.


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Check out the Source Turbo for similar extraction technique but rolled into one home appliance looking device. I have a Source Turbo and it works pretty good. But now that I have access to oils/concentrate I haven’t used it in over five months. Besides the Source Turbo I highly recommend you get a beaker set, paper filters (lab disc shaped) and a filter stone (can’t remember the name of the scientific piece). Oh and silicone tubing that is rigid and can’t be sucked upon itself (collapse of the hose under vacuum).

Check out a blog called Ichban Extraction as it has good info and tips on the Source machine.

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Distillers like these are often cheap on ebay, Amazon ..... I think I paid about $100 for a digital one with a glass jug
Which is basically the same as a Green Oil Machine https://www.greenoilmachine.com/ or https://www.greenoilmachine.co.uk/ without the filter bag

I picked up a green machine type still and I like it very much.

I don't remember if we got if from Ali or eBay but it was 220 V unit shipped to Israel for under $150.
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