How to clean vape parts and reclaim resin


My method for recovery works pretty simply and effectively... I have 2 jars of ISO 99%... I vape so what I do is when my cartridge is about 10% left i open the cartridge and soak it in a small bottle of Alcohol... after a couple hours I take it out and put it in another larger jar of 99% ISO for an hour to take any last resins out... If necessary I use a syringe and a blunt needle to squirt alcohol into and through my equipment... When the smaller jar gets very dark and won't dissolve more resins I evaporate it down and end up with a good amount of vape juice... then I replace the small jar with alcohol from the larger jar... All your equipment comes really clean and you waste 0% of vapy goodness... I assume this method would also work for other consumable methods as well.... Last time I did an evap I got 7 ml of vape oil...


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I’m somewhat new to vaping. I used to combust out of my bong for most of my high time.

I’m interested in reclaiming resin. I have a Pax 3. Will that produce enough to reclaim? Do I just push out the resin/oil from the airflow tube? Should I just follow the process with ISO discussed from the OG-OP?

This may have already been addressed; I’m going through and reading the thread, but I’m only in 2012, so figured I would ask.

Thanks for any help! And thank you to everyone for their knowledge which has saved me so much time!


Anyone have any suggestions as what use to lube the "O" rings on all these different atomizers?


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I would really like to find something that can act like a good squeegee for my stems to just push the reclaim through where it can be gathered up afterwards nice and easy without worrying about solvents.

I still haven’t found that perfect tool. I would prefer something made of silicone.


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Anyone have any suggestions as what use to lube the "O" rings on all these different atomizers?
The dynawax or any of those are usually beeswax & mineral oil. But you can use chapstick or burt’s bees, lots of things along those lines will help keep your o-rings in good condition.

EDIT: Didn’t see @Roth had answered you, not sure how I missed it...:smug: He’s smart.


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If I recall, something about olive oil can turn rancid and isn't ideal. I suggest sticky butter or dynavap's own wax.
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Hi all,

I realise that this thread has not been active in close to a year, but I have a question about reclaim, and this seems to be the right place to ask.

I "bath" all of my vaping equipment (dosing caps, screens, Mighty cooling units, dynavaps, SLX grinder) in ISO, sometimes for a day if it's not plastic, and I have been re-suing this iso until it turned pretty dark.

From there I evaporated it, took it to the freezer, and then scrapped this brittle dark bits that would start to liquify and before before sticky as they reached room temp. I collected it all in a container, left open in a dark place for a day, took it to the freezer again, and it's now in the fridge.

Considering that the iso was also in contract with metal (aluminium), plastic (from the might CU) and ceramic (coating from the SLX), what is the likelihood that I've picked up nasties in my dark molasses-like looking glob? Is it safe to use, or inly when collected from strictly glass parts?

Thanks for your advice!


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I am the first to admit, I don't know s__t about ISO. I just wouldn't really want to consume it, in anyway. That's just me. I clean my Vapcap parts in "Everclear". Grain alcohol, 190 proof I can drink it with no ill effects, (except gets me drunk real fast.). If it's not dark enough I let it thicken for a few days. I use as a tincture, make a kick a__ drink, use in coffee. It's all good. This doesn't answer your question, sorry bout that, but I don't know if it would harm you. I hope not. good luck. Doc


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Hey yall. I'm looking for a stash bag (to hold my vapes, stash jars, etc.) and I'm struggling out here. All smell proof bags are SUPER tiny and ridiculously priced. What do you guys use?
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