How many times throughout the day do you vape?


Westchester, NY
New York State just recently legalized recreational use and allows individuals to grow
up to four? plants. My 50 year anxiety of getting busted is finally over; only to get
busted by my 16yr. old Goddaughter. She still loves me. LOL
Daoist- I read about all that drama in Holland. WTF!

6, for a household with a single adult. households with multiple adults get capped at 12 plants I believe

Legally you can store 5 POUNDS of flower in your house and carry up to 3 oz I believe


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During the week it's usually 3 times, once when I get home from work, another a couple hours later and a third time after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I'll get a 4th session in if I'm having trouble sleeping. On the weekend it can vary between 3 sessions to many many more then that depending on what I'm doing and how I'm feeling. Started today at 6am with a nice VapBandit session so I think there'll be a few more coming before the day is over lol.


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it is very not legal in my country.
I’m sorry about that, my dude. It’s seriously some bullshit. I got a medical card with a cultivation options on it(about $300USD all together) so I could start doing this. Otherwise my fiancée nor my landlord would be cool with me doing what I’m doing. I waited a few years before legal home cultivation became an option.


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Vaping all day, starting my morning with couple hard hits on 400C with the dc elev8r&rubi(changing all the time between this to my supremeV6)
in the work jumping between my vong and mighty (thinking about upgrading to MVS)
in the evening if i want some flavor or got some speical tasty bud im opening my verdamper but if not ccontinuing with morning devices.
my sub/symphony vapes are not used as much since I got my supreme but in speical days they are function like day1.
thinking about selling my flipbrick and glow rcv18 custom, not using them alot at all.
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Bad Dog

Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
Back in the day when times were good it was

Then when times were a little leaner and I had more responsibility it was
Then All my connections dried up...,...... Dark days! Years passed I eventually went medical. Stated just in the evening, then after work, in the afternoon and morning then whenever I could squeeze in a quick bong, having a g or 2 a day. My medication changed and so did my need for cannabis and I was topping out at a g a day. Switched to vaping but didn't immediately cut back, took a hard look at myself and began examining my needs vs desire\habbits and decided to try and make some changes. Didn't cut back how many sessions I was having a day but started shrinking the size of my bowl, till I was at .05 then I started cutting back how many sessions. It was all a gradual change and took a couple years but today I vape on average 3-4 times a day sometimes less, sometimes more but I average about .15-.2 a day and I'm fine with that right now but none of this is written in stone and should my needs change I will adjust accordingly. There's no real right or wrong answer only people and their needs.


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For a long time I was at about 4-6x seshes per day.

Then I quit for a trip, and when I came back the effects with no tolerance were too strong. I was never able to build back my tolerance, so I just stayed at 2 tiny hits a day, about a 1/5 of a vapcap each time, barely enough bud to cover the screen.

Then about a year later I had to take a few weeks off for a drug test, and when I came back I decided to go from 2 hits to 1 a day, just for convenience sake.

I've stuck with 1 miniscule hit a day, probably about 0.01 - 0.02g.

I much prefer it to my old habits. Now if I have to take a break it's easy, and I'm never distracted by a desire to smoke. The downside is I can no longer imbibe socially, and I miss having a smoke for the sake of something to do. My friends think I'm nuts too haha


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The only way I've been able to maintain it is to draw a line in the sand, and not break it for any reason, no matter the justification. To a certain extent it has taken some of the fun out of cannabis, but it sure beats quitting. At first that line was 3 hits a day, then after a few months 2, then finally 1.

When I was cutting back the trick I used was to always wait 20 minutes before assessing the effects of the hit. In the past I would often smoke back to back vapcaps because I thought the first hit didn't do anything. But I came to realize that if you wait 20 minutes you can feel really strong effects from insanely small doses, even with a moderate tolerance.

The other big benefit of doses this tiny is that 1 heat cycle can kill the load, I don't need to reheat the way I would if I was packing more in the tip. This means that every hit has that green flavor we all love, no more popcorn.


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Enjoyed mostly vapor for the last 12-13 years. Lately, in addition to 10-11 Grasshopper IO hits/day, have been getting 4-5 conventional hits. This was stupid considering my loved ones DON'T WANT TO SMELL IT. Although it should be easy to quit smoking weed with hourly doses of world-class vapor, I still felt like I was quitting. The scratchy voice and wheeziness gradually went away. I even craved the pipe, even though all I really need is strong vapor. Definitely hitting the IO more often since quitting, I guess that was to be expected. Previously I rationalized that a few conventional hits per day wouldn't make any difference, but I feel a big difference. Weed vapor isn't for everybody but it seems to agree with me. I rationalize the enjoyment of ~0.3 g/day as somehow helping me minimize/eliminate several other (life-long) negative habits. I'm probably in a state of weed induced delirium right now, but I'm seeing the vaping as emotionally healthy.

I should also add that, the IO suits me personally. I'm the only user in this household, and I add just enough convection heat to get a good strong hit every hour or two. This is not an advertisement for the GH IO, with it's troubled service quality history, but it might be a recommendation for convection-style devices over oven-style devices.
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As a consumer for 50+ years there have been many different regimens. As a teenager it was all about getting fucked up, and I did it a lot and consumed quite a bit. But the quality was way way less potent and the really good shit only occasionally appeared. The hash was always good, tho.

In college I learned to better control my impulses and substantially reduced my usage, and after entering the working world full time I reduced it again.

As the quality got better and better I noticed it and reduced my usage commensurately. I got in the habit of only consuming after I was done with work or important chores that I didn't do as well while blasted. I never stopped getting high but I did it more mindfully.

As the body started to punish me for getting older the motivation for consuming changed as I noticed that consumption reduced the pain. That led to using cannabis more often during the day, but since I didn't really like working stoned I kept it at a minimum and I learned how much was enough to reduce pain. That also meant my start time for general consumption got closer to the end of my work day, sometimes including the ride home from work, or "as soon as I could".

Then 7 years or so ago I started vaping and everything changed again. I started being much more precise and targeted on my consumption, and I also reduced it again.

Today I probably only use 20 or 30% of what I used as a young adult and maybe 10% of what I used as a kid. But it works better and is much more managed. I am probably down to between 1/2g to 3/4g a day. Of course there are days I use more, especially if I am being social, but all things being equal a 1/2oz of good product will last me a month or more.


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6, for a household with a single adult. households with multiple adults get capped at 12 plants I believe

Legally you can store 5 POUNDS of flower in your house and carry up to 3 oz I believe
In NY, (my understanding is) they've set it up so you can't legally home grow until "x" time period after retail sales have begun, which may start by early '23 once regulatory system is defined. I think they want to give the commercial market time to get established.

Back on topic,
I'm a retiree consuming as much or more than ever (beginning about '69-'70). This month makes 7 yrs since a Pax entered the house and combustion ceased immediately and completely for me & my honey.
Fuck Combustion!

I've been calling this the Golden Age of Cannabis, but that's as much a personal testimonial as it is a cultural observation.

For both wife and me, using canna is both rec and med. Med only in the mental health sense, though we are both quite mentally healthy, as far as that goes...

It is not about getting wasted (well, not always...). Canna helps me deal with every aspect of my life, slows things down so I can savor moments and appreciate things that I think a lot of other folk's just don't 'get'.

Acting slowly, waiting, in my life have led to many more positive things than acting quickly.

Some will argue that this is the canna knocking all the motivation and drive out of you, couch potato and all that.
I happen to be able to get a lot of shit done in a day, and cannabis mostly enhances whatever it is I'm doing.

As I think back to 'working' life it was canna heavier in my younger years, less serious jobs. Then for about 25 years I did refrain from smoking canna until the work day was done. I could not let the risks of being "outted" or busted threaten my ability to earn good income for child rearing, their college years, etc.

It is true that tolerance goes up along with consumption - over time, the more you use, the less the effect - so conserving makes sense. But is the converse also possible? Can heavier users be just as 'functional' as lighter consumers?

If I could separate my consumption levels from those of my wife, guess I'd be in a range of about an ounce of flower plus a gram or two of wax/shatter in three weeks.

Sorry, back to the question, how many x/day?
More than I care to count. I start about 15 min. out of bed, so 5:30-6 ish. A couple of bowls in the Hopper or Go at that time are the longest-lasting of my day; next might be between 9 and 10, a couple of chambers in Mighty with the the wife.
We both do maintenance type hits through the day (hoppers, splinter, go, trates) punctuated by some shared Mighty bowls.
Days run into nights...
Golden Age, I tell ya.

*****OMG, just found this thread this morning I may have gotten a bit carried away, *****

My answer is Twenty-teen.


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Damn what an excellent post!
My situation exactly except wifey can only handle CBD.
She kept complaining about edibles not working "I can't
feel a thing", until I made her OD on a brownie and had to talk
her down for the next 12 hrs. So now only CBD for the wife.

I'm also retired and have gone through the same get high journey.
I now find that I get annoyed when life intrudes on my vaping.
Babysitting, driving, writing a reference- was a teacher and coach,
social events, well not really annoyed, just now I have to fit
all this shit in with my high.
I realize that I'm slightly high all the time, and I can function at that level.
But right after taking a few good hits, I better be doing something easy and
safe: canoeing, walking, reading, taking in a good film. Golden age indeed.
So same answer as above. Uh.... what was the query?


Curious. How many times throughout the day do you vape?

For me its once a day. Morning or afternoon and I hit it about 1 or 2 times that's it.

Though I have considered doing it more as im not sure how quickly this wears off or leaves your system?

I use sativa mostly low THC ( under 10 )

I'm still fairly new to this and didn't want to overdo it.

I mostly do it to feel focused and less anxiety.
I vape at least 5-6 times a day depending on how I feel.


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Ya know it is kinda funny, but there is at least 50 of us near (within 5 years) the same age who have been using cannabis pretty consistently for around 50 years or more. I'm really a little surprised that there isn't some researcher in here looking to do a case study on us and the result of 50 years of smoking (or now vaping) pot. I can't think of anywhere else one might find us together out in the world other than right here. It's kinda fun.


it really ties the room together
Did anyone mention the 3-hours-rule yet? It's a healthy approach for the medical vapers who have to maintain a cartain level of cannabinoids in their bloodstream
Edit: The other rule worth to mention is, of course, know-your-dose.
For the recreational users: Just get out that gravity bong and go nuts.
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