How do you manage your tolerance with concentrates?


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I am just looking for some tips and tricks, techniques, habits, basically anything at all to help me manage myself when I have access to concentrates. I'm in a nonlegal state, and they aren't always readily available, but lucky for me, and unlucky for my THC receptors, pretty nice BHO has been around for a few months.

I don't dab/vape throughout the day, only evenings/weekends, but as soon as I get home from work I take a NICE dab. This dab has increasingly grown since I've gotten access to wax, so no doubt this has a part in it. I'm high for a while after this (2-3 hours), but then I need to take dabs basically every hour to half hour to stay kind of high. Just seems to taper off for me. I'm fucking destroying my stash lol, I always take like rice size dabs, just that first dab is more Wild Rice and the ones throughout the day are more sushi style ;)

As far as vaping, I need to vape prior to dabbing for it to have a decent effect. I can still get high on a relatively minimal amount, but when it used to take 2-3 underdog stems, I need 3-4. I need 2-3 ELBs on the EVO minimum.

This has been gradual. I really haven't noticed how fucked my tolerance was until late though, because I bought 1.7 grams of wax on a whim last week and had it separate from my stash... did not even last a week.

Just for some perspective...I got home at 5:00, dabbed a nice bit of wax. I dabbed a bit smaller dab at 7. Immediately took another even smaller dab probably 10 minutes after cause I didn't feel that high. As of writing this (8 o clock), I am residual high, but I need another dab lol.

So, for you guy's with access to concentrates, do you just accept the tolerance hike? Do you only partake on the weekends? One dab a day keeps the doctor away? Soley before bed? Soley as a treat? Vape the concentrate instead of using a rig? Low temp hits vs higher temp hits? I really am looking for anything to limit myself, I guess it's as simple as having self control and just not utilizing the wax as much, but I'd just rather get high off a dab lol. If I go out and about and need to get high, its easier for me to use concentrates + a pen then a vape. A tolerance break would probably work, but it's something I was looking to avoid. More like a taper?

On the plus side, I have a beevy of weed since I haven't been vaping as much :) but as I said I chew threw it if I don't just abstain from wax through the day.

Appreciate the input! Whole reason I started vaping was to cut back on my usage, but now with my tolerance it's getting negligible.


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I try to manage my tolerance by session. I.E. If I dab too much, I will inevitably end up falling fast asleep. I really find that I like the combined effects of vaping flowers and dabs. But, I usually have to start with the dab to get my levels right. Then go to flavor town vaping flowers in the Zion or Herb Nail or UD or Enano. 3 rice size dabs are my morning coffee right after I wake up at 4:45 AM. Then NOTHING until I get home from work. Then...well whatever I can tolerate before I fall asleep. I have no lack of meds, but I have found a routine that keeps my tolerance at the current status-quo.


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If I use concentrates too much my tolerance goes up. I just use wax or shatter a couple times a week before bed.

I find switching up strains and using a few different vaporizers helps with my tolerance. I do a 72 hour t break every so often. I use cannabis for pain, muscle cramping and use it for anxiety too. I've used cannabis for 25+ years and have had my med mj certification since 2014.


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I manage it by not dabbing.
And that's the answer. Dabbing goes through a lot of product and does raise your tolerance. I've found using concentrates in pens, rather than dabbing, is the answer to keeping consumption/tolerance down. You use the same amount in a pen that you would use in one dab. And it gets you several hits rather than one.

Besides, perhaps, taking a break from concentrates for a day or two, in the past I've found switching up my vapes will also be helpful for my tolerance. I'd go from using the EVO to a log vape when I found my herb consumption getting too high.

My tolerance, however, is sky high now and fortunately I also have no lack of product these days. So I don't feel the need to keep things in check.


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It's finding the right dose for yourself. I limit myself to one "treat" a day other than dry herb. So just one dab, or piece of hash to go with my regular vaping. Part of this is because dabbing takes more clean up and prep, but part is not to get too out of it. I think you just need to find a good amount, for you, dosage wise and stick to it. I only use more than a small amount of oil if I am really ill and need strong pain management.


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Awesome suggestions guys, last night after I wrote that I was pretty busy doing stuff, so didn't end up crushing my wax. I think that's part of it for me too, need to stay busy. Vaping is good cause I can take my time, but sometimes I'm bored, dab, then I'm like....well now what?? Another dab! Lol!

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I was dabbing a lot and going through several grams of oil a week, off a nail.

Since switching to electronic temp controlled devices (read pens) , I am saving oil by being more efficient and actually using all the oil instead of exhaling huge wasteful clouds from big dabs.

Temp control devices like the Evic VT, have changed my life for the better.


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I was doing so well today guys, but I just need a dab. Haven't had one yet but I've been utilizing my pen since 4, got off early.

Gonna load my Source again and try to hold out.


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lol I dab only full melt bubble and a little rosin these days and I find the higher terp concentrations especially in the full melt really stops me from needing to come back for more dabs. I use about .35g of full melt and .2 of rosin a week lately.

I have enails in every room of the house but don't go overboard more than once or twice a month. I've had huge tolerance in the past but these days I use much less, but higher quality (more terp % instead of more THC %, which IME is the better way to go).
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