NFC How do you know your weed is any good


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@cvs8floz curing is one of the most crucial part.
All weed can't go till two years, Just like wine(just divided by 10). most part will start decline before the first year, but they will still maturate and gain in potency couple months after harvest...

I've always wait at least 2 months of drying followed by 2 months jar curing before starting to enjoy her.
It's the minimum to let the plant lose their "real weed" smell and taste, and develop their particular ones (lemon, floral,...) i'v got once one with violette taste, best one of my life... a critical kush. i've grown several same strain and never get that taste again. Even between sisters it will be different

Outdoor bud can't be cured for too long, only resinous ones can be stored for long time.
Around one year of dry+curing they give me the best, in term of vapor density and taste. The 2 years old i've got (not every bud can go till that time) are still potent and the taste have literaly change to a full flotal taste...
I 100% agree. The number 1 mistake is harvesting too early or too late, followed by curing. You cure it wrong and you can mess up every perfect procedure before it.

I’ve also found that the cure drastically improves at the 2 month mark.


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I usually pick up outdoor stuff since its fair in $/quality in my area. Jar curing is what has saved it a good bit. 1.5 months of jar curing has been a game changer. You can play with humidity too if you want using something like the raw hydrostones. Those suckers can be powerful I almost ruined an oz of stuff by making it so humid a brilliant cut grinder was getting gunked up.

My understanding is that a super quad A will be dense, firm (small rebound), and full of trichomes.
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