Herboven Decarboxylator


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I've found small lab beakers work well. This one is at 100 ML (.42 cup or 3.3814 fl oz).

A small silicone pastry spatula is helpful as well.

I like the beakers with the pour thingy, but I keep breaking them. I guess I'll have to spend a little more for quality.

Nice to see all the new edible gear coming out lately. Everytime I look there's something new. And the prices are better.


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does there seem to be a minimum amount for the liquid level?
Annieareyouok, I wish I could say for sure but I didn't get to that stage with mine, I just used it to decarb 10g of bud, which I then used for edibles, according to the blurb it takes 250ml, looking at it that's prob about right. I dont think I fancy using liquid in mine tho😶
So far, by my reckoning the result is 14% stronger compared to using my oven- ymmv, obvs😊
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