$$$..Herb cost per Bowl with Vaporizers...$$$


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Its pretty amazing the cost of herb on a per bowl basis when using a vaporizer. I figure I spend about $1 per bowl if even that. Since $1 will accomplish the task I find it just insane from a afford ability aspect of herb. I usually do 2 bowls on a night that I decide to light up. But compared to Alcohol(which I despise, but may use once a year) that $7-$15 with take home brew or a ton more if bought it buy the drink. Think of what you get for a $1 of herb and I think you'd have to agree its a remarkably low price.


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I was doing an mj to alcohol compairson in my head the other day and got the same conclusions as you. MJ will never be legal in the US as long as the gov't taxes alcohol as much as they do.
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