Heat press plate from ebay?


I'm going to build my own rosin press and i've been looking for the Dabpress 3x5 uncaged.
However, these are not in stock in eu warehouse and no ETA for them.

I've found these on ebay - http://tiny.cc/g93zmz

Your thoughts?
Are these any good and do the job, or should i wait for DP?
It sucks that DP is out of stock, i really want a pair ;)


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I'm based in the UK and I've been holding out for a dabpress since April! If I get bored of waiting I'll be approaching graveda I think, however I've been emailing them recently about an enail and the language barrier causing some issues.

I'm still in the mindset of waiting for the forum favourite as it stands right now.
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I still don't understand why you want to build your press when there are a lot of models that can satisfy all your necessities, and for a reasonable price. Sometimes I was also thinking to build my heat-press because there is nothing hard, I can only buy all the materials and parts from amazon, and I must only assembly it, but then looking at the price of the material and parts I compared the prices with the prices of the standard heat presses from this site and understood that it's more expensive than simply buy it online. But if you want very much to make it by yourself then please write to me in pm if you succeeded or not.
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